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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

Not A Baybee Post

An open letter to despondent libertarians: Above all, remember that history is never made by the majority. The march of liberty has always been advanced by a statistically insignificant cadre of disparate individualists with unreasonable expectations who refused to lose. Also try to understand that Mr Perfect is very rarely on the presidential ballot and […]

Things I Did Not Expect

Lil’ Hickory has been a bundle of surprises. So far: Once his needs are met, he is quiet! I expected a never-ending caterwaul, but once he gets what he’s looking for, the Master Caution lite goes out and all is well for another couple hours. Not only do the doggies luv the new member of […]

Had To Be Done


Where’s My Catcher’s Mitt?

I am simply insulted that our doc did not get that joke. She also didn’t appreciate “Ziff! Whooff! Ziff! Whiff!” either. This is what we get for allowing women into medicine. The Mrs has been granted a 30 minute break from pushing. I’ve been granted a 30 minute break from holding her leg up like […]

Childbirth Is Boring

So here’s what the Mrs has done for the last 6 hours: Occupied a room and a highly uncomfortable bed. Eaten some appalling hospital food (not as bad as Olive Garden, tho) Napped as best as she could for being roused every hour on the hour Repeatedly medicated in an indescribably intimate way with no […]

Game Time!

Apparently the docs want to kick things off a week early. We’re at the hospital waiting for labor to be induced. We’re at baby defcon one here, folks. Updates as time allows.

I Can’t Help Myself

“No dangblamnit, I said the Sheriff is a nig-” DONG!!

Μολὼν λαβέ

Barak Obama can have my cynicism when he pries it from my cold, dead hands.

Bulletin! Film at 11!

Just got back from the ultrasound machine, where we determined that all is well with the youngin’, and unlike the RNC leadership, he is still in possession of all of his manparts. Munchkin arrival has been downgraded from “imminent” to “pending”. Mom ‘n Dad ‘n Grandparents and a Great-Grand-Parent were given a useful dry run […]