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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

Stay In The Fight

A long time ago, in an ice-encrusted 3rd world country far, far away, the illegitimate socialist government thought it would be a good idea to include pdb in their junior airman program, and sent him to glider school. (This turned out to be a foolish decision after pdb sprouted to 6’7″ and quickly became too […]

Attention Gloom ‘n Doomers!

In 1987 we had a stock market crash which marked the beginning of a serious recession. In one day the DJIA lost 22.6% of its value. Until the DJIA has lost a similar proportion of its value (which, given the current level of 12000, would be around 2700 points), you are prohibited from panicking at […]

Politics Sucks

So my friend (who seems to have missed the point of blogging, which is to attract eyeballs to your own site, and instead insists on contributing his best work to other peoples sites), posted a succinct sitrep on the current field of probable R nominees: McCain – looks like Tigh from Battlestar Galatica. Is damned […]

No, Wait, I’ve Got An Idea!

Girl’s Leg Shattered By Round From AK-47 OMAHA, Neb. — A 15-year-old Bellevue girl remained hospitalized Monday after gunfire at a weekend party left her with a serious leg injury. Nicole Lienen said she went to a Bellevue home to play video games Saturday night. She told her mother an 18-year-old at the party was […]

General Gripe-ery

The department of Otolaryngology can go suck it. You might expect a department specializing in 71% of the naturally occurring human holes to be able to differentiate between one of their own and a hole in the ground, but you would be wrong. Look, I don’t understand my insurance stuff. But I kind of expect […]


Yes, Fred Thompson dropped out today. Why do you ask?

I Can Has M14!*

Yes, he was open today. phew. I’ve spent the last hour, even though I should be sleeping, trying to deduce the arcane field stripping procedure. It took me 30 minutes to get the trigger group out, and I still can’t figure out the incantation for the oprod. Maybe I’m just a retard. Oh well, it […]


Just so that I don’t get accused of being a partisan hack, I wish to state for the record that this is a really stupid fucking idea, even when (especially when, as they should fucking know better) Republicans propose it. That is all. But y’all should be flattered that W thinks you’re worth 800 increasingly […]

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

You can’t be CLOSED! It’s just a little slush! Why are you closed? You can’t be closed when you’re holding my rifle hostage!!! *whimper* Hold me.

Impending Joy

I work the 2nd shift, from 4pm to 1am. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to get to work, and I like to show up a bit early, so I was heading out the door at 3:15 when my phone rings. “Hey, pdb? This is your friendly local FFL. Your rifle is in.” A […]