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{ Monthly Archives } December 2007


Today Tam points us to an article about inflation. Now while I’m always yelling at people to understand basic economics, I’ll admit that when the subject reaches higher levels of abstraction I default into nod-and-agree mode. Like inflation, fer instance. It seems more than a little tautological to me (“Compared to the rate prices have […]


So last night the Mrs and I decided to punctuate an evening of post-Yule baby accessory purchasing with a dinner at a nearby restaurant we hadn’t patronized before. And it sucked. I guess we’re just spoiled, we had to stop and think to the last time we’d been let down by a substandard meal, and […]

And Another Festive Thing…

…I’m sure we can all also agree that Jeff Dunham is a funny man, and dead terrorists are even funnier:

Season’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas to all you gullible, superstitious, dead-Jew-on-a-stick-ians! And happy solstice to all you dour, humorless, mechanistic deity deniers! This year, I think we can all agree to remember what the Christmas season is really about: Executing a daring and risky surprise attack against some cocky Hessians and blowing them the hell away, resulting in […]

From The Local Crime Blotter…

I like keeping an eye on the Crime in Charlotte blog. I think of it as a preview of the Triad in about five years. It’s also good for nuggets of hilarity: 2000 W. Sugar Creek Rd. Division 07 North Tryon 18:14 Robbery from Business – Armed The Dunkin Doughnuts was robbed by a B/M, […]

Old News But Still Funny

I know this is like ancient history in innernet time, but my unindicted co-conspirator the Georgia X-man sent me this today: Need a reminder? If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut your goddamn piehole and stop writing legislation.

Medical Update

If you run a family clinic, here’s some advice: If a customer, whom you have been ‘treating’, who has been in pain for the last two months, and cannot sleep because of it, and whose work has been suffering, calls you for advice on what to do next after the frustratingly inconclusive $330 CT scan, […]

Baby Check

Who wants to see more ultrasound pictures? Everybody damn well better!

Maybe They Ship!

Just in case you were thinking about buying some beaver.