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{ Monthly Archives } November 2007

And Next, A Picture Of My Cat

I really didn’t intend this to descend into yet another medical update blog, but since I’m not able to form coherent trains of thought on guns, politics or economics at the moment, this is all you get. I had my head CT scan today. It set me back $330, but I only had to wait […]

By Way Of Explanation…

I’ve been suffering from one hell of a vicious sinus problem for the last month. It’s almost manageable during the day, but it always manages to flare up and make my face feel like someone’s pounding a spike into my cheek right when I’m trying to sleep. So not only am I constantly in pain […]

Please Stop Using That Word

From the email box this afternoon: Yeah, like you can’t get enough tactical in your holidays.

A Political Poll!

Something Kit said in comments recently has been bugging me. In my local sample, I have noticed that a parents political leanings seem to have very little bearing on how the kid turns out, politically. In my family, both my parents are left leaning hippies, and 66% of their offspring are now evil neocon warmongers. […]

Registration Death March

The scene: pdb and Mrs. pdb are in the local infant megastore, creating a list of items they hope to con family and friends into buying for them. The process is not passing quickly. The Mrs has spent thirty minutes examining breast pumps. “Which one do you think? Come on, help me here!” “Why are […]

The Shape Of Things To Come

All three of my long term readers have noticed a downturn in both the quality and quantity of my postings after selling off my store. Face it, most of the entertainment here was found in mocking the stupid, and with the steady supply I was enjoying in the video game retail world pinched off, I’m […]