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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007

Free Money! From The Sky!

Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday that every child born in the United States should get a $5,000 “baby bond” from the government to help pay for future costs of college or buying a home. You’ve got to be kidding me. The New York […]


Resolve… withering. Initial reports… awesome. Stupid brother… has played it… and loves it. Still… unemployed. Shouldn’t spend $60 on a… damn… video game… What’s blood plasma going for these days? Anybody want to buy an SKS?

Why We Carry

Ninjas’ Rob Pennsylvania Gas Station Tuesday , September 25, 2007 A Pennsylvania robbery turned into a bad kung fu movie last weekend when two women in ninja attire robbed a gas station of lottery tickets, cigarettes and cash, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported. The two women walked into the Sunoco station early Saturday armed with a […]

Webcomics I Can Recommend

Apropos of a recent exchange in comments, I thought I’d toss out my favorite webcomics: Schlock Mercenary: A daily sci-fi strip that started out with amateurish art but it’s gotten damn good recently. Some of the jokes are kind of lame, which is to be expected for a daily, but there’s some high quality science […]

Idiot Skateboard Losers Strike Back!

I can see why skateboarders have never formed a cohesive political movement in this country. Two years after I posted an encounter with a couple of board-riding juveniles, supporters of this “lifestyle” have seen fit to reply! If you want people to listen, ya gotta be quicker on the ball! Also, learning English composition would […]

It’s Okay To Be Popular: pdb Preemptively Defends Halo 3

[suggested musical accompaniment] I bet you thought that me selling off the store would get you a free pass from listening to my boring opinions on video gaming. Well, tough. I’ve just reviewed the entirety of this guy’s commentary and I’ve got something to add. If I end up inadvertently aping his style, also, too […]

Wear A Damn Hat

So my brother and I met up at an indoor range in Greensboro yesterday to get some pistol practice in. It was somewhat satisfying that we had to wait for a lane to open up. I highly enjoyed observing a wide variety of ages and colors adding to the magnificent pile of golden brass on […]

In Other News…

Citing increased security concerns, David Beckhams lifelike sexbot was recently spotted wearing a new reactive armor dress.

Orson Scott Card Is Full Of Shit

So last week my brother forwarded me this essay from the local Mormon novelist, in order to cause me aggravation. I wanted to comment on it immediately, but it’s taken a whole week for my blood pressure to simmer down enough so that this post would be merely sprinkled with four letter expletives, as opposed […]

I Got Ninety-Nine Problems But The Beretta Ain’t One

When a gun in my arsenal reaches a certain level of confidence, the configuration of the gun gets frozen, the accessory and optic screws get loctite’d, then gun is loaded and placed in a ready mode. My Beretta 1201FP has reached that point: I added the Benelli 60046P stock on a whim, but damn, has […]