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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

There Outta Be A Word…

…for the feeling of smug satisfaction when you take an empty dish home from a potluck dinner, when everybody else in attendance had to truck home leftovers. Home made mac ‘n cheese is great. Especially when I make it. But apparently my home made mac ‘n cheese with bacon is like crack to Presbyterians.

I’ve Had Some Bad Customers…

…but none of them did THAT. Blogrolled. I feel the snark is strong with this one.

The Next To Last Snark

The final day of business! Saturday, August 18th has been a truly monumental day. Many long term customers have stopped in to say their goodbyes and wish pdb well. Even more customers have dropped in to partake of the 25% off sale! A select handful of Bad People, holding places of dishonor on the late […]

What a Weird Day

I got up late this morning, and didn’t have to rush in to work. Nor did I have to phone anyone to make sure they were heading in. I had, literally, nothing that I had to do today! For the first time in nigh on three years! Rather unnerving, to say the least. I made […]


I spent a damn week cleaning out the store. My house looks like a packrat hole, there are boxes upon boxes upon boxes of stuff stacked to the ceiling. If you hear about a guy in NC that suffocated under an avalanche of DVDs and busted PS2s, that would be me. But the store is […]

Training Day

I think that James Yeager is one of a handful of American firearms instructors truly on the leading edge of the ballistic martial arts. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that many of the best schools on the east coast (including local homies DCNC and LMS Defense) are at least partially staffed by former Tactical […]

Shay With The Gauge, Squeaky With The Nine

America moves one step closer to our goal of a Nation of Pistoleros with the latest addition to the armed collective. Polymer nines are a traditional gateway gun. Inexpensive, reliable and dependable, they often pave the way for later dependencies on bullet-spewing semi-automatic assault rifles, street-sweeping shotguns and goddamn handcannons.

Right Down To The Tiara

Pop quiz, who do you think this wedding cake topper be appropriate for? Hmmm, I just don’t know.

“I Am McLovin!”

Finally, a movie that looks worth seeing. Trailer rated R for language, sexual references, underage drinking, misbehaving cops and phallic references.