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{ Monthly Archives } July 2007

Stage Two: Apathy

*ring*! “Thanks for calling pdb’s game store, this is pdb.” “Hi. Uh, like, how much are *munch munch* your games to buy?” “They range in price from 49 cents to 60 dollars. Were you looking for anything in particular?” “*munch munch* What games do you got for 49 cents?” “Mostly Super Nintendo and Genesis sports […]

Quick Draw Sarcasm

One thing I’ve become aware of after deciding to shut the store down, is that I’ve become a lot more willing to run up the escalation ladder when it comes to problem customers. It will be interesting to see if this effect increases as the end date draws nigh, and how business will be affected. […]

Nine Hundred And Forty-Four Days

My career as a small business owner will end nine hundred and forty-four days after I began it. On August 17th, all my store debts will be settled, and I will have to find a real job. I don’t want to discuss the details. Suffice it to say that the obstacles I placed in the […]


Still don’t have anything to write about. Still three bird eggs in the nest out front, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of the parents. Here’s a couple of lolanimals I made, to keep y’all entertained. Come back later.

pdb: Songbird Abortionist

So this morning I was unceremoniously kicked out of bed on my one day off to do some yard work. I’m not complaining, I’m just, well, complaining. Anyway, my assignment was to stub the growth of a truly tremendous thorny weed that was growing up through the middle of one of our front shrubberies. I […]

Read A Book!

Rated R for language, rated Awesome for being both funny and relevant: Stolen without permission or shame from this guy.

Course Review: DCNC Defensive Pistol

So yesterday my brother the mathman (our cousin, the bartender of mystery, had to bail due to food poisoning) and I attended the Defensive Pistol class put on by Defensive Concepts of North Carolina. You may recall these guys as the ones that put on the excellent shotgun class I wrote about in April. Again […]

They Blow Up So Fast

We were all pulling for him. We saw the potential. We were all hoping that he’d develop his talent and reach for the stars! And… he has! Muslim ‘Rage Boy’ says he’s really angry SRINAGAR, India (AFP) – He has become the face of Muslim fury: an angry young man whose bushy beard and fiery-eyed […]

I Wish You A Tremendous Independence Day!

Gonna be working all day today, so more words on America will be forthcoming. I may be questioning people’s patriotism! If you are also stuck workin’ for da man or otherwise not celebrating and wish to commiserate, you may turn your AIM or Yahoochat dial to pdb27127.