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{ Monthly Archives } June 2007

I’m Only Gonna Say This Once…

If you waited all night in the rain to buy an Iphone, you are a total loser. If the most exciting event in your life in the last six months is buying an Iphone, you are a total loser. It’s just a damn cellphone, you imbeciles! And it doesn’t look to be a particularly good […]

Prerequisites For Discussion

As Mon Pere has noted, the gaseous mass known as Michael Moore has deployed another one of his fact-free forays into public policy debate, this time on health care. I have a vein in my forehead that is already throbbing from the huge volume of stark raving verbal idiocy that this event will trigger. As […]

A Public Service Announcement!

“That’s right! Always take extra ammo, because you never know how much Jihad you’re going to have to deal with!”

The Tactical Commie Purse

Hello, armed citizens! Have you been thinking about trunk rifles recently? I know I have…

Heroes And Cowards

Meet Colin Bruley. Mr Bruley lives and worked in an apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr Bruley was awakened one evening by the sounds of a woman screaming in the parking lot. He did not hesitate or dither, or wonder if it was someone else’s problem. No, he grabbed his shotgun and found the victim, […]

Sunday Is Meme Day!

This one’s been going around. I first saw it at Tam’s, Squeaky’s and TD’s. LALOLKFATYK (Sounds suspiciously Icelandik to me!) WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I share my first and middle names with my grandfathers. Apparently it’s 50% coincidence. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? I got a little misty at the end of […]

Please Stay Tuned

I have a tremendously interesting and highly cool firearms acquisition to share with y’all Tuesday evening or maybe Wednesday morning. It involves John Moses Browning and my own family history!

RIP, General

Gen. Robin Olds, July 14, 1922 – June 14, 2007. I’d thank him for sending fifteen enemy aircraft down in flames, re-teaching the USAF that they damn well could close with and destroy enemy fighters, and standing up to the Air Force bureaucracy with memos and mustaches… but somehow I think all the above was […]

A Flag Strong Enough To Burn

Mark Steyn runs my favorite of his past columns today. I think it’s the definitive argument against a flag-burning amendment. Happy Flag Day!

I’ve Had It

Let me tell you something. For the last two and a half years, I’ve poured my everything into making my store work. I financed 120% of the purchase price and paid it all back. I’ve worked 30 months of 10-14 hour days and no days off until recently. I’ve had to brown-nose ignorant and abusive […]