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{ Monthly Archives } May 2007

I’m Fine. Nothing’s Wrong.

Have not felt the whisper of the muse recently, sorry.  I don’t think I write well when I’m feeling down, and the store has not been performing well in the last couple weeks.  My mood is as tied to the output to the store like it’s my symbiote. Then I didn’t do anything for Memorial […]

A Short Treatise On Point Shooting

Summary: I’m against it. Longer version: I have been a sights using pistolero my entire shooting career. I have noticed that when I remember to stare at my front sight in the middle of the blurry target, I make the hits. When I am lax in focusing my attention on the front sight, I don’t. […]

Attention Scifi Nerds And TV Watchers!

Have I got a deal for you. I’ve had a lot of TV series DVD sets come in recently, and historically speaking, these have been difficult to move through my store.  So I want to see if any of y’all want them. I’m never going to do a tip jar, and blog ads seem to […]

I Have Turned Over A New Leaf!!

Went shooting today with a bunch of swell folks from at a local, heretofore unknown to me, range! It’s a truly spiffy facility, 30 minutes from home, multiple covered ranges, a skeet thrower, and a membership composed of sport shooters. Membership is steep for the first year, but reasonable for every year after. I’m […]

Does This Guy Ever Shut Up?

I’ve never read a person more in love with rolling around in his verbal spewage, even if it means stinking up someone elses’ blog. Has anyone figured out what his point is?

Phone Trouble

Thursday means it’s phone day at pdb’s awesome technicolor game store! All the forsaken game consoles that were turned in for repair, repaired, and not yet picked up are given a second chance! pdb slowly works his way through the pile, calling the numbers on the fixit-tickets. Fortunately, it is a light week and only […]

What An Upset Base Looks Like

After witnessing the latest spinless Republican sell out to the tranzi left, and receiving a letter from the RNC begging for new war funds, a friend was moved to action and composed the following letter: Dear Republican National Committee cc: Senator Chambliss, Senator Isaakson, Local Republicans, President George W. Bush Sirs, Imagine the emotions that […]

Today’s Exhibit…

…on why humanities grads should not be permitted to speak publicly is presented by a Mr Peter Durantine of the Philadelphia Daily News: HAVE WE LOST our humanity? When a troubled young man goes on a shooting spree, and kills 32 people, what we hear even louder than the gunfire is the sound of some […]

Poll Time!

I want to test out a couple polling widgets for future use in picking my reader’s brains. So, here’s the first one! Simple enough, eh? Surveys – Take Our Poll

Shifting Allegiances

While pdb central still endorses Duncan Hunter for President in 2008, on the basis of this linked video, we would also be strongly not opposed to a Fred Thompson presidency. Michael Moore just got Thomps0WND.