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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

It Seems So Obvious Now!

Don’t fret, David Lynch has the solution to school shootings! Meditation! What a friggin’ brain surgeon. Could he get any more leftoid peacenik hippy-assed?

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Contract

A warm spring day! pdb is fixing PS2s and pondering the meaning of life when a customer intrudes! “Hey, I’ve got this game, and we’ve had it for a while…” “Sure, lemme see.” Simpson’s Hit and Run for the PS2 is laid on the counter. *clicky* “Ooooh. It’s four months overdue.” “Er, yeah, we totally […]

Not Just For Chicks!

I finally got around to reading the entirety of The Cornered Cat this morning. I recommend! I cannot find anything substantial to disagree with, and I learned a thing or three. Even if you’re equipped with a dude, it’s still a good read. You can’t beat the price!

Short Review: Comp-Tac C-TAC Holster

I have a Blade-Tech UCH for an H&K USP-45F for sale. Lightly used, excellent condition. $50 shipped. The C-TAC is worth every thin dime. Get one for your bullet spewing semi-automatic handgun today! [Update! I have been compelled to disclose that I was moved to purchase this holster based on upwards of two years of […]

Did You Feel That?

That distant rumbling?  Cats running in circles?  Dogs whining at the sky?  That disturbance in the force? I think I have an explanation: (6:50:42 PM) Unix_Jedi: yo (6:52:33 PM) Unix_Jedi: <neo> I know how to weld

Comment Policy!

Recently I have been forced to delete some comments.  As I did it, I realized that I had no definitive guide as to what I deleted and why. So, here it is! Rule #1:  This is my playpen, my toys.  If I believe that your comment hinders or does not add to my general enjoyment […]

Maybe Not The Best Photoshop Ever…

But a strong contender! [update! This is not my work, but rather something a friend snagged off Freerepublic. Since FR grabs and reproduces content without permission, I thought it was fair game.]

Dear Customers

In many retail stores, there are counters.  The store employee is on one side, and the customers are on the other.  Under no circumstances is it acceptable for a customer to leave the customer zone and come visit the employee zone.  If there is something over here that you would like to see, I would […]

We’re Not Paranoid; They Are Out To Get Us!

Somebody called Dan Simpson wrote in the Toledo Blade that not only should guns be banned in America, but that the Federal gov’t should undertake a draconian door to door confiscation program! Hey, you know how those crazy gun nuts keep talking about how the damn Feds want to come take their guns? Not so […]

A Long Winded Review Of The Beretta 1201FP

Short version: Love it. Long version: Sit down, I have many words.