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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007


Ultima Ratio Rednecks

Since we’re playing show and tell today, I thought y’all might like a look-see at the tubular claymore that I’m taking to shotgun school next week: This is my Remington 1100, last seen in a group shot wearing a parkerized smoothbore deer barrel. I have since replaced that barrel with a fully choked barrel cut […]


UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Britain took its case to free its 15 sailors and marines held by Iran to the United Nations on Thursday, asking the Security Council to support a statement that would “deplore” Tehran’s action and demand their immediate release. Despite a brief spark of brilliance in 1982, it looks like the spirit […]

In Which A Cliche Is Born

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Four men have been arrested on the island of Crete after part of a man’s ear was bitten off during a brawl after Greece’s 4-1 loss to Turkey in a European Championship qualifier. “Soccer brawl?   This is SPARTA!!!”

Today’s Driving Lesson

Courtesy of Eddie Griffin. Brake, then turn. You can’t do both at the same time, even in an Enzo.

Let’s Give Them Their Own State!

UMM NASER VILLAGE, Gaza Strip — An earth embankment around a sewage reservoir collapsed Tuesday, spewing a river of waste and mud that killed five people and forced residents to flee from a village in the northern Gaza Strip, officials said.A local Palestinian official blamed the disaster in Umm Naser on shoddy infrastructure, and U.N. […]


What kind of an uncaring deity would damn Tony Snow to suffer from liver cancer, yet continue to permit a murdering, lecherous, drunken communist slimeball like Ted Kennedy to live? And why is Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer still in the news?  While I’m sorry for her ailment,  she’s not newsworthy.  She’s the wife of a retired […]

Meme’d Revisited: Change And Preparation

SDB volunteered his own “Obvious But Not” concepts as promogulated by ColtCCO. In particular, I really liked his second idea, and wish I had thought of it first: Change is the norm. Stability is an illusion. Trying to prevent change is a fool’s quest. I forget who it was, but they wrote that all historians […]

I’ve Been Meme’d!

ColtCCO challenges me to list 5 concepts that I consider blindingly obvious, yet are a mystery to the general public. I accept! 1. Price Controls Cause Shortages. Von Mises had this figured out in the 30s, complete with equations and charts, yet still retards still persist in legislative efforts to manipulate prices. If it cost […]


Now that’s my kind of cartoon erotica.  Nothing dresses up a nekkid woman like an M4.  Or is that the other way around? Volk is such a damn tease, though:  “The photos on which this illustration is based may be obtained at“. But I can’t find them!!!  Help!