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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

Stealthy Rifle Cases

“I say, anyone for tennis?”

Review: Defensive Concepts of NC Concealed Carry Class

To obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina, applicants must first attend a state approved class that covers the law and has a shooting skills test. The actual classes vary widely in both cost and quality across the state, and having heard cautionary tales about $100 ‘classes’ that were nothing more […]

New Fire Mission!!

Okay, you guys still have some burning hate left over after that Zumbo kerfluffle? Here’s a new injustice that needs our help! A nurse from Indiana named Joyce was visiting friends in Vermont and Massachusetts earlier this month when she ran into an unexpected problem. Upon checking in at the ticket counter in Albany, NY […]

Zumbo Reconsidered

Come to think of it, if this is a “deer rifle“, and this is a “duck gun“, and this is a “varmint gun“, then Mr Zumbo, you are more than welcome to call THIS: …a “terrorist gun”!

I’m A Bad, Bad Man

A chilly February eve!  pdb has summoned mathman to run the store for the evening so that Mrs pdb might be treated to an evening out.  pdb is just about to put the reins into mathman’s rusty yet capable hands when a pair of miscreants in a haze of pot fumes enters the store! They […]

Would You Like To Play A Game?

Mr Chizumatic refers us to this game, which promptly ate 20 minutes of my morning. So far my high score is 27454, with a lowest move count of 28. Like a lot of  successfully addictive games, it plays well on the human abilities of pattern recognition and estimation.  I also discovered I have difficulty distinguishing […]


Contrary to my previous off the cuff remarks, it appears that: Hadji does surf. Who knew?

Never Mind The Constitution, Surrender Now!

Jack Murtha is a toad. Words fail me.  I cannot comprehend a person so vile that they would tie their own temporary political gain to the defeat of their country on the battlefield. Fortunately, Bryan at has no such trouble: They know that they can’t defund the war outright, yet. But by hamstringing the […]

An Excellent Question

My friend the unix-jedi asks, if we as a group of hunters, shooters and self-defense advocates are so effective at dealing with a single wayward spokesman, why do we permit an entire organization to compromise our rights away? I signed up for a 3 year membership in the NRA when I first attained awareness as […]

Bravo, Remington!

In case you haven’t heard, the Big Ballistic Green kicked Zumbo to the curb yesterday. Well done! In an era of runaway PC, where loyalties and honor can’t seem to be sold fast enough, it’s extremely encouraging to see an American arms manufacturer rediscover where their huevos are (oddly enough, right next to their wallet!). […]