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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

Reading Assignment

Okay folks, listen up. Put down whatever you’re reading. Drop that politically correct, namby-pamby, mealymouthed, estrogen soaked, Oprah approved, go have yourself a good cry homo-lit piece of trash that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking is a worthwhile piece of entertainment and go read Ghost. The fine folks at Baen, (who think if you give […]

ObYouTube Content

    Adblock I was unaware that Mrs pdb was a driving instructor for the US Army! Perhaps they just called her up as a consultant. I have also been instructed to start shopping for lightly used military HMMWV’s to make her commute a little easier.

I Have A New Favorite TeeVee Show!

Why was I not informed of My Super Sweet Sixteen before? Y’all have let me down! This show has everything! Spoiled brat teenaged girls Scantily clad spoiled brat teenage girls Drama! Yelling! Crying! Temper tantrums! Midget strippers!!! In the last episode I caught, not only was the lil’ miss (Aimberlee! Aimberlee for the love of […]

Suggestions For Duncan Hunter To Raise His Media Stature

Start referring to himself in the third person. “Duncan Hunter thinks that’s a stupid idea.” Refer to the Democrats as bitches. “Duncan Hunter thinks his colleague from the Bitch Party has something to say about Gaia or the collective or some other fagola hippy shit. Let’s pretend to listen.” Get lessons from his son on […]


I know that 2008 is a long way off, and we’re all sick of politics. But that doesn’t mean politics is sick of us! In a Republican candidate field thick with squishes, RINOs, Manchurian Candidates and other byproducts of the incestious Potomac echo chamber, I am aware of one possibility who is unashamed to stand […]

The Liberal Media Strikes Again!

Consider, if you will, these two seemingly unrelated stories: Election workers in Ohio convicted for ’04 rigging and S.D. Teen Accuses Senator of Fondling Notice anything, oh, missing from them? Right, the political affiliation of the perpetrators! In the latter story, we don’t find out that the perv is a Democrat until the last paragraph, […]

Dear Hillary

Over at the, Hillary Clinton would like to know how to improve health care in America! I have an idea, and I told her: “If we gave Hillary the Medicare budget and got her to invest it in cattle futures, there’d be more than enough money to buy insurance for everyone!” I hope she […]

Security System Bleg

Anybody out there know their butt from their elbow when it comes to CCTV? I have come into possession of a few "Resi-Cam" motion sensing cameras, both color and B&W.  They use a 4 conductor DIN cable like a PS2 keyboard jack.  I can't get the control unit thingey to power on.  Who makes these, […]

I Have Been Tag’d!

Being critically short of crazy-ass customer stories, I’m always up for a game of meme tag! Today’s game is: “Five off the wall, strange, unusual or just little-known facts about yourself.” Hey, I’ve done this one already, before I was cool enough for someone else to ask! But I shall dredge up five more: Despite […]

I Do Not Understand Children

This is a picture of the two youngest children of the family that owns the Italian restaurant next door. They never leave me alone. To date I have: Cajoled free food and sweet tea out of them, given them bags of trash to carry to the dumpster like pack mules, made fun of their crazy […]