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{ Monthly Archives } December 2006

Sic Semper Tyrannus, Asshole

Early reports are claiming that Saddam has been executed. I hope it hurt.  I hope the dude that pulled the lever was a Kurd.  I hope the rest of our nation's enemies are now fearing meeting the same fate:  Dying like a bitch, soon to be seen on YouTube. I still remain an optimist.  When […]


I have to say, this "Victoria Beckham" model sexbot is probably the most realistic one I've seen, but it still seems somewhat … lifeless and artificial.  Still a big upgrade over a Realdoll, which can't even stand up on it's own, but we've got a long way to go. [Pictures slightly not safe for work]

My Nephew

"Now that's some good f'n bread right there!"

Atheists… In… The… Future!!

In comments below, Akatsukami properly asks: pdb opines that the "soft, decadent, post-modern atheism of Europe" lacks "the moral and political momentum to oppose Islamofascism". Fair enough. But he also hopes that "soon we'll no longer need hocus-pocus handwaving bullshit". I suggest that he is either 1. Postulating that post-modern atheism will soon become the […]


Steve @ HOI wishes y'all a merry Christmas, with a reminder of what the season's really about: Oh, yeah. While you're having fun, remember that Christmas has something or other to do with that "Christ" guy. In a world where most religions see God or the gods as selfish, capricious jerks or apathetic administrators who […]


Ketchie Creek Bakery, makers of the finest to-order cakes in Central NC, got put out of commission indefinitely by an inattentive driver and his Ford F-250! This is Highly Disturbing News!  My birthday is only two months away!  What are we to do!?!? [From local socialist monopoly paper.  Bugmenot as usual] Truck gone astray forces […]

How To Keep pdb Entertained

Been clicking at THIS all morning, but I started getting repeats after about 45 minutes.  What a gyp. Link obviously NSFW.

Please Stop Doing This

Lawdog recounts a recent adventure with that most lowly and loathesome form of subhuman garbage, the BS artist.  It's velly velly good, go read it. Ok, back? While legit dudes have an understandably dim view of these sad creatures, I think it would be a mistake to underestimate how much they're loathed by us […]


No pink-eye, but the Mrs did bring me a fresh helping of Italian biohazard flu.  This is why I'm never having children.  Damn things are little walking virus incubators.

Dear Customers

If you're here to do some business, and you are handing me items that you have been holding, would it be too much to ask that you not have a raging case of pink eye? If that's not possible, at least consider not rubbing your infected optic in between handing me Super Nintendo cartridges out […]