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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

Sometimes The Posts Write Themselves

Look at what I got traded in this morning! According to it's fair yet unkind imdb page, it did show up in theaters, but didn't stay long!  It wasn't even stocked by any of my movie distributors this year.  And I hadn't even heard of it until it showed up this morning. Horror schlock really […]

Do Not Dare pdb

It’s a chilly November eve as consumers keep pdb busy! pdb has just finished telling hopeful #105 that no, he is not able to get any PS3’s in, when a man bearing DVD returns comes striding in. “Hey, I’m dropping these off for my girl.” “Okay, lemme check them in.” Man starts to leave. “Hold […]

To Borrow A Phrase…

From over yonder… mike hollihan Says: Link to this comment The solution to PDB (public displays of breastfeeding) is simple: walk over and watch. Don’t leer, just stand there and watch. If she complains, be nice and just suggest she look elsewhere. You’re just standing there. Nothing wrong with that! SayUncle Says: Link to this […]

My Family Is Trying To Kill Me

Okay, given nine total people seated at the table, three of which are on some kind of atkins or mod-atkins, and two that eat like birds, why did we insist on cooking enough starchy carbs to sate the 3rd ID? And since the Mrs is away, I got stuck with most of the leftovers!  Three […]


*ring*!  "Thanks for calling pdb's game store, this is pdb." "Hey, it's me."  It's mathman, pdb's younger and shorter brother! "Hey, dude, what's up?" "Are you going to turkey day at Grandpa's house tomorrow?" "Yeah." "You want to split a ride?" "Sure, come pick me up whenever, I'll be ready to go." "Okay, I figure […]

How To Incorrectly Insert An AR-15 Magazine

I see from comments here and elsewhere that there are people doubting that yesterday's poorly trained officer really did have her magazine inserted incorrectly. I do not believe it was a photoshop, and I also don't believe she was using a funky mag coupler. Step 1:  Acquire an AR-15 and a loaded 30 round GI […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Oh well, at least she's observing Rule 3.

My Kitchen Is Broken

Isn't that always the way?  The Mrs takes off on a vacation, and suddenly the dish washing apparatus at casa del pdb konks out. Used to be, I'd rinse off and stack my dishes in the sink or on the counter, and the next day, they'd dissappear and reappear as clean dishes in the cabinet.  […]

How To Build A Cheap AR in 101 Easy Steps

Against the advice of the He-Man AR hater's club, decide that if it's good enough for the US Army, USMC and the IDF, it just might be good enough for you. Register for a login at Decide on your ideal configuration:  A1 upper, 16" Bushmaster M4 contour 'Dissipator' barrel, collapsable stock. Acquire stripped Colt […]

Not Dead, Merely Pining

Sorry for the sudden lack of output, folks.  Mrs pdb has been gone for a mere 96 hours and already I'm despondant and moody.  I haven't taken to binge drinking or kicking the dogs around yet, but somehow the freedom to enjoy a dinner of nuclear death hot chili and grappa while watching Miami Vice […]