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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

Holy Crap!!

So, today I installed a sitemeter widget to supplant the lame and possibly braggadicio stats package that blog-city offers. Imagine my surprise when I discover that I'm the innernet's leading provider of "Rove you magnificent bastard" !!! LOOK. It's … so beautiful.  I almost cried. It's probably going to be all downhill from here.

An All Hallow’s Eve Observation

Girls should feel free to dress up like slutty superheroes and sexy vampires / pirates / ninjas all the time, not just one day per year!

What Can You Get For $125?

As promised much earlier: I don't think the picture adequately captures the level of crustiness on the reciever and barrel.  Also, the wood has a nasty ding each in the buttstock and fore-end that isn't visible here.  Right now it's soaking in a bath of CLP, and soon I'll give it the ol' steel wool […]

Addicts Strike Again

Last year at about this time, I had the excellent fortune of being a regular reader of Hog On Ice at about the time he was recounting dealing with his sister.  I think some of the posts have been lost to the bit bucket, but you can find most of them by doing a search.  […]

Are you bothered by my language?

In case you haven't noticed, I'm fairly apt to lapse into R-rated, Tarantino worthy streams of four letter words in my screeds. This is an accurate representation of my personality.  My comfort level with you is directly proportional to the filthiness of my language.   In fact, if I'm not cussing at you and randomly insulting […]

More On Competition Shooting

Wanted to clear up and expand on a few things from yesterday. BEING A GEAR BUM:  If you have a pistol, you probably already have eye and ear protection.  And if not, you're a dork.  Spend the $20 and pick some up before you hurt yourself!  It's slighty unhygenic to borrow someone elses, but I […]

Blogroll Maintenance!

Struck from the roster: John Lott.  Nothing against him or his prose, but his blog turned into the kind of linking-not-thinking blog that I don't like recommending.  Codrea's War On Guns does a better link aggregating, anyway. Colt CCO.  Despite a great beginning, nothing new for months. New additions: Mugwug's Moral Flexibility.  A contradictory title, […]

Modern Performance Art

At this moment, there are four adult humans engaged in converstations on their cell phones and randomly pacing around my store. And I'm blogging about it. How 00's is that?

You Should Shoot Competitively!

Passing the time by reading threads at THR, my heart sank as I read a post from a guy who wanted to shoot IDPA.  He was looking for suggestions and encouragement after his rangemates convinced him that he had the "wrong gun" to compete with.  Another poster was distraught over the lack of "upgrades" for […]

Ah hah!

Got it!  Managed to push out a bushing and a sprung pin that levered the lifter while trying to put a pin back in. It cleaned up nicely.  Still some stubborn crusty spots on the bottom of the receiver, and on the barrel where it mates to the receiver, but overall I think this gun […]