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{ Monthly Archives } August 2006


I've sold out of Dead Rising on the Xbox360. I am sad. But, restock is just a few days away!

Those Wacky Russians!

It is popular to hold Soviet era Russian engineers up as the prophets of cheap, easily produced, effective and soldier-proof fighting gear.  The Kalashnikov, T-34 and Sturmovik are commonly cited.  I remain skeptical:  I give you, the Russian Armored Infantry Fighting Snowmobile? The forum I stole this from pointed to an article on, of course, […]

Etiquette Lawyer

What are your thoughts on doors? I mean, I've always had the habit of holding doors open for people.  Especially if the inbound door user is female.  But heck, I'll even hold it open for a democrat. But what are the parameters of the holding?  Certainly if the person is right behind you, no problem.  […]

The John Ross SoM, Part Deux: Crimefighters!

When last we left our heroes, unknown freelance socialists had absconded with a significant fraction of Eddie's posessions, namely, a TV, XBox, various related appurtances and many discs of movies and games.  With no suspects, the outlook is dim.  But pdb thinks they have one lead… The morning after the morning after, pdb opens up […]


Have you seen the 50 most popular Wikipedia articles? I'm proud to have contributed to #10's rank. [Update:  #14's rank.  Stupid dynamic content.] [Update: #15's rank.  Oh, screw it, this article. Isn't it uplifting to think that the greatest dynamic content engine in the history of the internet, has been harnessed to create a historical, […]

Going Home

Sorry about the relative lack of output today, kids.  Actually had some of that work stuff to do. And I've never had so many customers in the store, yet sold so little. Hopefully, I'm laying groundwork for future sales.  At least, that's what I tell myself to keep from descending into total Grandpa Simpson mode […]

Tacti-Mail Tacti-Order Tacti-Log

Got an unsolicited catalog from US Cav today.  I wonder how they got my address? Secondly, dang, playing dress-up Cops 'n Robbers has gotten pretty expensive. However, $30 mail order smoke grenades?  I love my country.

The Talk

Being a heavily armed, entreprenurial libertarian creates unique employee problems when you live in the California of the South.  Unfortunately, said problems were not envisioned by your humble narrator until Mrs pdb suggested that my first part-timer, Chip, might have ethical problems with my status as an armed individual.  Initially pffting this bizarre notion, I […]

The John Ross School of Management

Early this summer, pdb is enjoying a rare afternoon off by entertaining his canines in the back yard.  All three find nothing quite as fascinating as pdb flipping steaks on the grill. His cell phone rings!  It's Eddie, at the store! "Hey dude, what's up?" "pdb, look, I've got to go, man.  I've got to […]

Extra Innings!

Imagine my joy at the news that the Floppy Hat festival is running into overtime, or at least, the recovery is.  So, y'all get to put up with me whinging all day again.  Except that Monday usually means real work to do, so you might be spared. Let's see.  I have unkind things to say […]