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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

Looking For Humor In The Feminine World

pdb's favorite feminist joke: Q:  How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?A:  That's not funny! At a family dinner this Sunday, my blog came up in conversation, and my Mom expressed a level of distaste for a throwaway line in this post, having just (in my head) berated a youth […]

Life Imitates South Park

Holy crap!  Mel Gibson is crazy! I swear I've seen this show before.

pdb vs. Captain Cheapskate

One fairly busy summer eve, activity is brisk in pdb's house of audio visual worship!  Storms are a-brewin', and the townsfolk are attempting to hire DVDs and games before the brutal rain seals them inside! Not a bare second after pdb completes a rental transaction, a grumbly gentleman of middle age places a used copy […]

Dear Local Baptist Church:

Please stop littering your pamphlets in my store.  While I share with you a level of suspicion concerning the ethical purity of my clientele, I doubt that the discovery of a cheap, photocopied leaflet is going to convince them to give up their sinful ways and embrace the light.  Furthermore, stop leaving them in the […]

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

What pdb wanted to say:  "Listen, moron.  You're asking cash for a video game system that was an embarassing failure five years ago, and nobody wants now.  It's covered in grime and crud and doesn't even have the AV cables with it, meaning I'll have to sink an hour of labor into it just to […]

Countdown Meme!

Memes are what people blog about when they don't have anything to blog about. TEN:  More payments before 'my' store belongs to me and me alone. NINE: Rounds of .45 ACP in the gun that's closest to me right now. EIGHT:  (or so) Ounces of Wild Turkey waiting for me when I get home. SEVEN:  […]

Fine, I’ll Say It

On my one day off this week, I made the mistake of watching some TV news.  After years of instant gratifaction news access on the internets, I honestly have difficulty sitting through a broadcast TV news show these days.  But there was some interesting footage from Haifa of correspondants flinching like whupped puppies whenever a […]


I like to think of myself as a rational actor, an entity whose prime motivation is money.  I find this is a more reasonable approach than the usual meatbag strategy of letting irrational, visceral emotions take control. I find comfort in this belief when I have to make decisions that are no-brainers economically, but go […]

Failure To Communicate

A sweaty summer day.  pdb's digital diversions shack is quiet, save for the wallet-sapping thrum of the air conditioner.  pdb glares at the thermostat, then nudges the lever until the AC cuts off. A youth with a pair of grocery bags enters the store!  He quickly approaches the counter and lays his merchandise on the […]

Occupational Hazards

Speaking of Mz VFTP, I really don't know how she's made a career of manning the front counter of a gunshop and not gone insane.  I couldn't cope with it. Owing to a lower cost of entry, the video-game business happens to attract more numerous low class jerks than the weapons trade.  The worst my […]