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{ Monthly Archives } June 2006


By an extremely fortitious combination of events, I have… an… entire weekend off!!!  I am quivering with a combination of dread and excitement! For the last eighteen months, I've put my everything into this place.  And now I will be away from it for almost 60 straight hours.  The longest I've gone without seeing the […]

Speak For Yourself, Tony

An update from CNN on the Gaza situation mentioned previously. I'm amused at the reverence the PLO has for the machination abilities of the IDF: In an impassioned sermon at a Gaza mosque, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya accused Israel of a "premeditated plan" to destroy the Hamas-led Palestinian government. Wow, you mean the IDF […]

Hell. Yes.

Have you seen the teaser for the new Transformers movie? While Mr. Bay and I have had our disagreements in the past, I believe that a movie about giant alien transforming robots stomping the stuffing out of po' lil' Earth is well within his talent envelope. I think the possibilities are tremendous.  But only if […]

That’s Gotta Hurt

From Sodom On The Bay's daily dog trainer: Police are looking for a man who turned the tables on three would-be robbers and shot them early Tuesday in the Tenderloin. Ow!  I'd hate to get shot in the tenderloin. … <crickets> Hey, these are the jokes, folks.  You get what you pay for. Additionally: The […]

A Pattern Emerges!

Mybabydaddy on Livejournal continues to entertain!  Today, we find a girl with poor decision making abilities bemoaning the low income potential of her chosen sperm donor. SO, support court is finally over and I am getting LESS than what I was with the temp order! Because of how much he makes, the judge can't order […]

Link Maintainence

A few changes to the blogroll to your left there. Struck from the roster: Acidman.  There's a hell of a lot of neat stuff there to read.  But there won't be anything new anymore.  I haven't posted anything on his death because a) I didn't know the guy, and b) I really have nothing other […]

Imagine That!

I've got a shocking revelation to share.  It's something I read on the internet. …An international organization, where the majority of the members are representatives from communist, kleptocratic and oppressive (but I repeat myself) governments, is opposed to the idea that mere civillians can own weapons, and seeks to restrict the international trade of such […]


Here is a collection of photos a Russian web developer recently took during his trip to North Korea.  Go look. I think it is the most terrible thing I have ever seen.  Think of this the next time you hear a bootlicking socialist declare that "Communism has never been tried" or that North Korea, Cuba […]

I Swear To God

No sooner do I post an entry about animated panties, than I get THIS traded in.  Holy crap.  From the back cover: Roses are redViolets are blueThis show's about panties. I don't care what you say, the Japanese are farked UP. Update:  I see that you do not believe me.  Well, get a load of […]

Industry Analysis

A youth of college age walks into the store with his buddies.  The inventory is assessed, and a question is asked! "Hey, do you guys have any computer games?" "Nope." "Why not?" "Nobody buys them." "I beg to differ!"  Oh ho!  thinks pdb A volunteer smartass! "In what way?" "I buy computer games!" "Then you […]