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{ Monthly Archives } May 2006

The Worst ND I Never Had

Let's clear something up.  There is (almost) no such thing as an 'Accidental Discharge' when it comes to firearms.  Oh sure, given sufficently out of spec parts and/or high primers can make the gun go BANG when it's not expected.  But if you're handling a gun in good condition, with proper ammunition, it will only […]

Questions That Won’t Get Answered…

…at the WaPo's "We Should Ban Guns Because They're Scary!!!", er, "Gun Safety Discussion", hosted by some Harvard paper hanging metrosexual, right now over HERE. "Is it safe to fire modern 30-06 ammunition in my low serial number 1903 Springfield?"1 "What would you suggest for a home gun for someone just starting out, and especially […]

It’s Spreading

This morning, I enjoyed perusing this amusing article about a high school physics teacher who got in trouble for his yearly conservation of momentum demonstration.  Why'd he get in trouble?  It involved an 8 pound block of wood, suspended by rope, that was struck with a much smaller, but faster moving object. Did I mention […]

Memorial Day

First of all, read what he said. Next, let me tell you about my Grandpa B. Gpa never came to visit much, since he lived in California, and we were in Canada at the time.  My earliest memories of him are of a bald but friendly man who dressed funny, got around with the help […]


"Pull my finger, infidel!" "I'd enrich that booty!" nb:  The dude in the photo is Iran's President Mahmoud Abbawhatever, who has publicly stated that Israel should not exist, the Holocaust didn't happen, but damn if it's not a good idea,  is –><– this close to having nuclear weaponry, and, by the way, he's also the […]

pdb’s Top Five Stabby Video Games

Ok guys, one more knifey post and I'll move on. Ben's comment below about violent, blade oriented video games gave me pause.  Usually, violent games are of the shooty variety, since aiming via pointing is a fairly simple, intuitive and easy to program game mechanic.  The intricacies of melee combat are usually simplified to an […]

Further Sharp and Pointy Thoughts

Got some good feedback from the UK blade madness from my father, who said that Saturday night at Farmington was pretty much the anti-UK.  Last weekend was the annual Mopar festival, which combined high horsepower dragsters, nitro burning bikes, a wet t-shirt contest, and the whole mess was sponsored by Jack Daniels.  If Smith & […]

May 26th, Still Here

In case you haven't heard, some idiot cassandra claimed that the Atlantic coast of the USA would be wiped out by a tsunami on May 25th. Apart from slightly soggy shoes this morning (later revealed to be dog related), I'm fine.  How are you? Score another one for the psychics.

Directionally Challenged

*ring*!  "Thanks for calling pdb's game store, this is pdb." "Hey, where are you guys located?' "We're at the corner of This Street and That Avenue, right next to the BigOlFoodStore." "Oh, up on Main?" "No, This Street." "Oh, near the Buick Dealer?" "No, that's on the other side of town." "Oh, I know where […]

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

If you had doubts that the Brits are a nation of limp wristed, whipped, pussified and emasculated babies with not a spine on the island, well…"Until 30 June people can hand in knives at police stations in England, Scotland and Wales without fear of penalty."I rest my case. What's next?  The pointy-stick amnesty?  The large-brick […]