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{ Monthly Archives } April 2006

Road Rage

Today, boys and girls, we're going to talk about driving. I know that every other car nerd blogger in the world has written a 'slow traffic keep right' rant.  It's all the same, and I'm sure you're sick of hearing it.  Well, guess what?  They're all correct!  SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT!  If you're not passing […]

Why pdb is getting nothing done today

Fun ‘n Games!

Wishing to promote the unique repair and trade-in services offered for vintage gaming systems, pdb has temporarily replaced the Nintendo Game Cube on one of the demo TV's with a refurbished frontloader Nintendo Entertainment System.  The reaction to this old friend has been universally warm and unbelieving. "Wow, you guys have these still!  And it […]


Japan Is Not An Air Power, so says Flying and Popular Aviation's January 1941 issue. Oops! Keep that in mind next time somebody is telling you that Iran is years from a deployable bomb and therefore not a threat.

Mamas, don’t let your babies earn a liberal arts degree

A bunch of idiot communists have put up a website where you can see how long it takes an average Fortune 500 CEO to earn your pay.  You are supposed to be shocked and offended by the disparity. Apparently, this was worth a press release. Golly, a person with a rare skill set can demand […]

A Spitball in the Culture Wars

Take that, illiterate droopy pants hordes!

Buy My Damn Stuff, Cont’d

Got some more stuff up on ebay, including a Sega Saturn, a Sega Game Gear, a Sega Master System, a Dreamcast fishing game with fishing controller, and some unsucky Game Cube games. It's a veritable catalog of industry failure!

No Escape

When the Move was in the early stages of planning, one benefit I had not considered was brought to my attention by one of my henchmen: "Hey, it's a nicer part of town.  Maybe people there won't be so dumb!" Sadly, I did not move far enough… *ring*!  "Thanks for calling pdb's game store at […]

By Way of Explanation…

Sit down, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a young Fixer of electronic abacuses named pdb.  While he was not Schooled in the Fixing, he did fine work and was handsomely rewarded.  Soon, he married a fair maiden from a savage land far overseas and was able to purchase […]

Full of Myself

Ok, I'm back.  Phew.  Miss me? When I first started this blog, it was strictly for my own entertainment.  I made a deliberate effort to avoid the ego-driven dramas, kerfluffles and other idiocy that even then was appearing in the blogworld.  However, during my absence, a well intentioned but stupid leftist blogger asked me to […]