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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006

By way of explanation…

Light posting recently has been caused by four unrelated problems: General lack of crazy people.  If it don't happen, I can't write about it.  Finally getting around to having an ingrown toenail operated on that's been bugging me for 6+ months.  The resulting FrankenToe is both mildly painful and oozing.  Thought you'd might like to […]

Attack of the Cheap Bastard!

One pleasant spring evening, deep in the depressing doldrums that is ACC tournament season, a customer with an amazingly overdeveloped upper body and spindly chicken legs struts into the store and wishes to rent a movie. "Just one night, please." *clicky* "Sure, that'll be $3.09." "Uh, why so much?" *clicky* "Doom and Mr and Mrs […]

Racial Dialog

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I present the following mostly true conversation that occured between pdb and his newest underling, Eduardo. "I hate people!  Why can't they take care of my games!  This Fight Night Round 3 cost me $52!!" "You want me to have 'em whacked?" "What?" "You know, taken care of?" "Yeah, […]

Why pdb Doesn’t Watch “Horror” Movies

A combination of a long day at work, a spicy dinner gobbled down right before bedtime and having spent my last 30 minutes at the store winnowing down the 'horror' DVD selection resulted in an oddity for me:  A remembered dream! I first recall walking down a street in a deserted, modern western Texas town.  […]

Phone Calls

Ah yes, prank calls.  The entertainment of choice for people who are as stupid as skateboarders, yet lack the money and ambition to acquire the necessary equipment. Unfortunately, a yeller pages ad is pretty much a green light to these simpletons. *ring*!  "pdb's game store, this is pdb." "Hey, do you give cash for games?" […]

Generational Differences

Submitted without further comment:  Two 30-something men took approximately 45 minutes to transform this toy from car to robot.  And yes, we did make use of the instructions. Kids these days have it hard.

The dark side of multiculturalism

An actual, unretouched (mostly) conversation that occurred this morning between pdb and Mrs. pdb: "What do you want for lunch today?" asks pdb, packer of lunches and brewer of tea. "We have that new toaster oven at work, I could have a grill cheese!"  comes the shouted reply from another room in Casa Del pdb."Okay."  […]


Do me a favor and go read this entry again.  Because, IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN! Different woman, different 3 movies, same inexplicable brain cramp when it comes to simple math.  Jeeze.