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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

A New World’s Record!

I recently completed a trade for a UTL for my USP-45F.  It arrived today, and not 15 seconds after unpacking it from the box, I managed to blind myself with it. It's taken me decades of hard work and dedication to reach this advanced level of dexterity!  I'd like to think that if Barney had […]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?

Dear Springfield Armory: Hey, pdb here.  Your new XD .45 ACP looks very spiffy, despite the obvious handicap of not being a 1911.  13 rounds of .45 in a lightweight polymer pistol is a great idea, especially with enough attention paid to the grip shape so that mere mortal humans can grip it, and not […]

Oh, Wonderful

Buried in a story in the local monopoly paper [user: pass: nospam]  about a gang fight about 3 miles from my house is a depressing nugget of info: Gang crime has grown so much that the district attorney's office plans to apply for a federal grant to fight gang violence, and the Winston-Salem police […]

Attention Customers!

Please stop using my display boxes to scratch yourself. Thanks, mgmt.

Larry, Darryl and Darryl try to rent a game

One pleasant summer evening… *ring*! "pdb's game store, this is pdb, how may I be of service?" "Whut?" "Can I help you?" "Yeah, do you got that wrasslin' game for the Xbox?" "Which one?" "Uh, I dunno. It came out a month or two back, it's got #SOME_WRESTLER on the front." [nb: pdb does not […]

Quick Survey

What's that spherical growth protruding from Paris' abdomen? Personally, I think it's her liver trying to make a run for it. [h/t:]

Math, Pt 2

Look, I can understand not being able to mentally compute complicated percentages or add several four digit numbers.  But come on, surely you know your times tables up to four??   A gentleman of advanced age brings four rented movies back in. "Hey, how's things?" pdb inquires as if he cares. The gentleman clears his throat […]

Attack of The Crazy Lady! Chapter 2: The Reprisal From Afar!

When last we met, Mrs. Lady had been remorselessly banished from pdb's temple of digital merriment to the sounds of grumbling and gnashing of teeth.  Nary a week had passed, and Mrs Crazy Lady had been demoted to mere memory, when the Federally anointed Carrier of The Letters brought pdb a registered letter! This is […]


Wonderful.  I just finish getting over the bird flu, and now I've got ebola.  Or something close to it. But just to keep y'all on the hook, I have the conclusion to Mrs Crazy Lady, and a new crazy lady coming up!

Why pdb Doesn’t Play RPGs

As usual, the knob gobblers on the left coast nail it. The thing is, all RPGs are like this to some extent, even the marquee names in the genre.  Even worse than the ramblings about gaia, mana, spirits and other annoying nonsense, are the forays into Scifi or modern military fiction which always turn out […]