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{ Monthly Archives } December 2005

He’s Back!!!

John Bergstrom, creator of Attack Cartoons, has started putting new strips up! Damnit, man, where've you been? Now if Adam Thrasher would show back up, we'd have something.

pdb’s post Xmas Video Game Bargain Hunting Checklist!

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year!  The artificial panicky shopping spree period known as 'Christmas' has past, and now it's time for gamers to take advantage of post-holiday markdowns and trade-ins! Here's what games you should be looking for: PS2: Shinobi: Awesome soundtrack, compelling plot, and harder than hell.  Ninjas and magic go […]

pdb vs Skateboarders: The Mom Strikes Back!

Near the close of business one chilly December evening, pdb spies two illiterate morons who, despite the presence of  "SKATEBOARDING IS PROHIBITED!" signs scattered around the mall, decide to begin skateboarding.  "Hey, idiot!" pdb yells out the open door, wasting precious warm air, "Go do that somewhere else!" pdb goes back inside.  Skateboarder loser comes […]

This is Exactly…

…the kind of juvenile, immature stunt that I would have adored ten years ago. I guess it's just a phase unbelievers go through.[H/T: Fark.  Duh]


As a general rule, I try not to 'review' games for customers.  While I can provide some guidance towards a suitable piece of entertainment software, I refuse to give outright approval to most games for any person.  Naturally, I will sing the praises of such gems of excellence such as Grand Theft Auto, Forza Motorsport, […]