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{ Monthly Archives } November 2005

You’re Welcome, Beretta

While I'm quite sure that nobody in the R&D section of Beretta reads me, I'm going to go ahead and take credit for this little poodle shooter anyway. It's a development of the Benelli R1 'Argo' hunting rifle, which is based on the proven Benelli M1 gas operated shotgun action.  This appears to be a […]

Zero Sypmathy

As much as I enjoy the customers_suck community on Livejournal, sometimes the entries are a tad exasperating. 'Ferinstance, this. Now, if you're not prepared to handle the dumbass questions associated with having a piece of metal jammed through your nose, perhaps you should consider removing said piece of metal? Or is it just me?


Now, this guy, I understand completely.  I loves me some spaghetti. And is it just me, or should you be less inclined to screw with a guy called 'Fung-Cap'?

National Ammo Day

While being fiscally unable to participate in BAG-Day this year, I decided that I had a bit of extra scratch to help out with National Ammo Day.  I hit the local Wallymart after closing up the store last night and picked up a 100 round box of Winchester .45 ACP, and two 20-round boxes of […]

I Love Demos

Best part of the Resident Evil 4 demo loop for the PS2: Special Forces / Ex-Cop / Hero Dude:  "I'm under the President's orders to rescue you!" Helpless Whiny Victim Girly-Girl:  "What?  My f-f-father?" To which I desperately want to shout:  "No you idiot!  The other President!"

The Difference Between A Hit Game And A Flop Is…

…the difference between Heinz and generic store ketchup. Really. More on this later.

Pearls Of pdb Wisdom

A mom and her kid are in the store, renting some movies. Kid argues for a game. "No, dear, you've got homework tonight!" "Awwwww!" "Yeah, do your homework. Otherwise, you'll flunk out of the best electrical engineering school in Canada, work a string of dead end IT jobs and end up running a video game […]

Geeky memes don’t die…

… they just get geekier. [H/T to  Duh]

Michael Newdow, Shut The Hell Up

As much as identity politics annoys me ("As a African-Hispanic-American lesbian crack addict prostitute truck driver, I feel that only I can comment on this issue…"), but as an atheist, this guy is starting to piss me off. (Aside: Am I the only one who's bugged by the word atheist? If the world was cleaved […]


Shortly after resetting my referrer log, I see: Dear guys at the IAEA:  Nothing to see here, just games, movies and guns.  No nuclear splody stuff here.  Try Iran!