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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

pdb vs the Pirate!

Faced with a deluge of Xbox systems traded in, pdb puts one up on eBay! With 'free' games and a 'free' second controller it is a steal at $119! However, like previously, this only attracts emails from idiots and criminals: From: xboxmodz@pir8.comTo: pdbSubject: Xboxes Hey, do you have any nonworking xboxes to sell? I'm local […]

Now Hiring

Crisis! My stalwart henchman, Chip, has flown the coop and is now on to bigger and better things. He got himself a real job (the bastard), and now if I am to have any hope of having a day off or even surviving the Christmas season with my sanity and liver intact, I will have […]


A combination of the runaway success of the DVD format, steadily growing business, a flexible cash-or-trade policy, and a town full of college students making poor economic decisions all add up to one thing: pdb has a lot of frikkin' used DVD movies to sell. So many, in fact, that multiple shelves in the DVD […]