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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

Hey, Look, Categories!

For you whiners who want me to write more, how about hitting the nifty new 'category' links over there on the left and catch up on some stuff you might have missed? Really, it's still good.

Zero Empathy

Yeah, I haven't been writing again. I've been uber-busy, and training a new lackey. He's working out so far, so hopefully my output can increase. Anyway, saw this in the local monopoly paper from the AP wire: A man covered in gasoline suffered burns over 70 percent of his body when a deputy shot him […]


I salute you, sir, upholder of all that is true and proper! Perhaps next time your paths cross, you can break his goddamned skateboard over his head. Next time you're in North Carolina, the beer's on me. [8.5mb wmv] [Hat tip to Big Boys.]

That’s More Like It

As if on cue, guess what arrived from SCEA today? Yup, a hundred glossy, pretty, sexy! full color catalogs for both the PS2 and PSP. No charge to the retailer! What has Nintendo sent me? Squat. The Monkeyball Monkey was … appropriated from an E3 display. What has Microsoft sent me? Zip. I have a […]

Thanks for nothing

After berating my sales rep at a major east coast game distributor for screwing up my order for the nth time, I demanded that he finally send me the promotional goodies that he'd been promising me for months. They arrived today. And what did I get? Nintendo posters. Advertising the DS, Gamecube and some goddamn […]

Quickie Product Review: GBX ‘Bahama’ Leather Sandals

A few weeks ago, a spot of blood on one of my socks announced the arrivial of a new ingrown toenail.  Normally this would call for a transition to open shoes, but since canine #1 devoured my last pair, I had to go out and get some.  Remembering how a $20 Wallymart pair fell apart […]

Football Bats

Here's another piece of equipment whose popularity puzzles me: The autopistol caliber carbine. The ever so mysterious Gun Guy (I wonder who it could be!!) recently positively reviewed the Mech-Tech CCU (Carbine Conversion Unit) for the 1911 pistol. It's basically a $300 barrel and stock kit for your 1911 that turns your .45 sidearm into […]

Notes From The Culturally Impaired, and Further Thoughts On Ricebois

'Splain something to me: what the hell are these nouns referring to, and why would an adult wish to pay money to advertise them on his body? Fubu G-Unit 50 Cent Thug 'Phat' Farm (sic) Join us next week on WTF? for: 20" chrome rims on '85 Chevy Caprices: Why This? Why Now? Personally, I'd […]

And Now A Report From The “Obvious” Desk…

Singer Boy George Arrested on Drug Charge No, really? What tipped them off?


Should you enter my store wearing one of these, in this mode:You may be fired upon. I predict that these terror-hoodies will have a very short lifespan in America. [H/T: Michelle Malkin]