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{ Monthly Archives } September 2005

Officers, Shut the hell up

Oh noooooes! There's another violent video game coming out where the player kills people! But it's worse than that, because the player can kill cops! And we all know police officers are a higher grade of citizen then mere plebian wage slaves. Got that? Killing people = ok. Killing cops = outrage. Never one to […]

pdb Reviews Serenity!

Great movie, very entertaining. Much better than anything Lucas has done in the last 10 years. Go see it. … What, you want more? Fine, fine. But don't bitch to me about spoilers. Like I said before, I didn't watch Firefly when it was on TV or DVD, and I was never a Buffy or […]

Repelling the Skateboarding Loser Hordes, an Ongoing Saga

Imagine, if you will, a person with an IQ so low that the idea of toddling around on a plank of wood with wheels nailed to it sounds entertaining enough to adopt as a lifestyle. Further demonstrating his lack of higher brain function, this hypothetical person has spent a substantial sum of money on a […]


Guess what I have and you don't? Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it. Damnit, now I need to hire a part timer. I'm the perfect test case for this one. I used to voraciously eat up sci-fi when I was a teenager, devouring the entire section of our pathetic county library in one […]


Kid walks into the store one afternoon shortly after school lets out. After poking around for a few minutes, he selects a couple PS2 rental games and ambles up to the counter. "Hey, can I rent these?" "Sure, what's your phone number?" "765-4321. It's under Aaron Burr." *clicky* "Hm. Don't have anybody under that name […]

Mr Nice Guy

Another bit of fallout from Aftermath III occurred yesterday. You may recall that pdb also hit a Ms Jane Loser's card for a paltry $42 for a single movie and some late fees. Well, guess what! Ms Loser called back! *ring*! "Thanks for calling pdb's game store, this is pdb." "I need to know why […]

Aftermath II: Act II 1/2

Since our last episode, there has been nothing dramatic to report. The renter's bank called on Monday afternoon with the usual chargeback inquiry. After faxing over the membership agreement and the rental receipt, the nice bank lady agreed that she wouldn't be getting her money back. I expect that Act III will consist of either […]

Aftermath III: Warrants ‘N Da Hood (Acts I & II)

Act I One rainy August afternoon, a gentleman of previously good rental standing came in and checked out the movie White Noise, and the Xbox games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Madden '06. Days passed, and soon our friend appeared on the late list. His name and items checked out slowly crept up the […]

Detailed Review: ATI Topfolding Stock For The Winchester 1300

I recently bought a second Winchester 1300 'Defender' 12 gauge shotgun. Why another, when I have a perfectly good one at home that I love and have named Mister Smashy? It was a great deal. Duh. So I bought another one, but the only drawback was that it came equipped with a cruiser style pistol […]

What’s that word for schadenfraude again?

Bwahahahahaha! Have I mentioned that my rentals are up 30% from this time last year? Mere coincidence, I'm sure. Excellent. <mr burns hands>