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{ Monthly Archives } July 2005

Toldja So!

Straight from the horse's mouth, the truth about PlameRoveYellowCakeGategate! Well, not really, but it's funnier than anything else I've seen today. No, I haven't been posting lately. Too busy working, and whipping a part timer into shape.


To rent items from my store, two things are required: A government picture ID and a current credit card. This is done to a) weed out non-productive losers who are likely theives, and b) give me a cost effective recourse in case items go missing or debts go unpaid. I'm not unreasonable. If I manage […]

Buy My Damn Stuff

I've got some stuff up on eBay.  Bid on it now.


Speaking as someone who makes his living off of strictly indoor hobbies, I hate beautiful weather.  Sunshine, breezes and puffy clouds?  Despise 'em.  Pelting rain, oppressive heat, ice storms, smog?  Now THAT's where it's at. Goddamnit, just look at the track map.  Look at it.  Some lucky bastard running a video game store in upper […]

It’s A Trap!

Personally, I can't figure out any other angle to this. None of the salient facts add up, unless you're a dogmatic liberal. Rove's lawyer has publicly stated that Rove didn't call Plame by name (Gawd, it hurt to type that). He'd have to be a stone cold retard to say something on the record that […]

Revelations and Contemplations For A Saturday

Every now and then I'll experience a truly mind-opening, transcendental, life changing event. Was it always like this, I asks myself, and I've just never noticed? Is it like this for everyone else, and I've been missing out all this time? Have I been doing it wrong my entire life? Moments like these make me […]

Quick Thoughts on The London Attacks

More to come later, but my first thoughts upon watching the coverage this morning: The UK won't pull a Spain. Look, these are folks who drink warm disgusting beer and get into soccer riots for fun! Do you really think a handful of splodeydopes will impress them? Not so long ago, they conquered the best […]

Customer Relations

As strange as it may seem to all three regular readers of this blog, I am in fact a people person. I enjoy interacting with humans and have had stimulating conversations with them. And running a business that tends towards the casual part of the personal experience, I try to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. In […]

Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Happy Birthday!

More Thievery

Buddy walks in one Sunday afternoon, picks up an Xbox game and pays for it with a charge card. While the terminal is chugging out the recepit, 3 more individuals saunter in and ask about picking up an NES. "I don't have any now, but I do get them in all the time. Here's my […]