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{ Monthly Archives } June 2005

Chief Little Running Cockroach At It Again

#DEITY, make my enemies ridiculous! Granted.


Christmastime 2004: 'Tis the season for consumerism! And pdb's joyful go-go palace of digital wonderment is the epicenter! It isn't uncommon to sell as many games in a day as we do in a week during the summer. The clock is ticking down to the 24th, when a young gentleman enters the shop. He is […]

Things That Should Not Need To Be Said

If I ever get attacked and bitten by a customer's monkey, I'll light the little fucker up like Independence Day at Ft. Bragg. The monkey, not the customer. [Hat tip to Fark. Where else?]

Social Justice

When you're young and stupid, life can seem unfair. Why do you have to drive a crappy rustbucket beater when you see so many shiny new BMWs around? Why is it that the only job you can get is flipping burgers at minimum wage when you know perl and bash and linux (I mean, it's […]

Crisis Management

A person smarter than me once opined that a man should be judged by what he does when he doesn't know what to do. Or something. The fun thing about owning your own store, is that opportunities like that pop up every day! Thursday morning, I call up one of my NYC suppliers to get […]

Still Mad

Even after sleeping on it, I'm still pissed. If you're not angry yet, you either haven't been paying attention, or you stand to benefit from yesterday's decision. For the first half, y'all need to read more. For the second half: If you ever attempt to sieze my home, my business, or the homes or businesses […]

Well, Poop

The Ithaca Gun Company has gone under. Again. Even though they didn't make anything I particularly wanted, I'm sad to see them go. Who doesn't have fond memories of slamfiring a whole magazine of shells through a model 37? I blame Ithaca's downfall on two factors: Modifying the M-37 design to include a disconnector, to […]

Welcome to the Party

I didn't think that any case on the SCOTUS docket for this year would produce as much of a stinker for individual rights as last month's medical MJ decision. I was wrong. In the silver lining department, I'm tickled to see various individuals on the lefty side of the aisle getting it at last:The decision […]

Six Month Sitrep

While commenting on a recent article, it occurred to me that the 6 month anniversary of my store's aquisition had gone unnoticed. So, uh, yeah, it's been six months. Things are good and bad. The store was in much worse shape than I thought it was, both in inventory accuracy and customer relations. Both […]

Go Away Creationists, Adults Are Trying To Work Here

Goddamnit, Cramer's at it again. A parable: One afternoon, pdb has his car up on jackstands (as frequently was the case, as it was an Alfa-Romeo) to change the oil. A neighbourhood kid pedals his BMX over and stares curiously at the happenings. "Hey!" kid yells. "You're not doing that right!" Kid is ignored, work […]