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{ Monthly Archives } May 2005

An Open Letter To Vin Diesel

Mr Diesel: Despite the extremely low probability of such an event occuring, I wish to warn you that should you and I ever come in close proximity, say, the same room, I will immediately and without hesitation kick you in the beanbag. You might wonder why I would take such umbrage at your mere presence. […]

The Customer Is Always Right, Right?

A kid came in seeking a specific game. "Hey, do you have the Star Wars game for the Xbox?" "Which one?" "I think it's Obi-wan, or something?" "Star Wars: Obi-Wan, maybe?""Yeah, that's it!" "Are you sure? That game was recently voted 'Worst Star Wars Game Ever'." His mom takes this opportunity to laugh at him. […]


A source of great amusement for me is the person who has an outlandishly unrealistic idea of what his trade-ins are worth. Games are not investments, their worth drops rapidly after release day. In an era of mass produced pressed discs, I can think of perhaps five games that have retained their value longer than […]

Not Worth The Effort

I try hard not to think of what I pay myself in terms of dollars per hour, because if I did, I'd sue myself for paying below minimum wage. The proposition only gets worse when I consider how much effort I put in to selling a single used game. See, at other game stores, there […]

I need a mission statement…

…because clearly, people who come to my store are unclear on the whole store concept. See, the idea is, I buy something for x dollars, then sell it for $x+profit. This allows me to pay rent, keep the lights on, buy new things to sell, and some weeks, actually take home some for myself. Yes, […]

So, you want a job?

Coming close to the end of the school year for this county's educational system, I find myself deluged with requests for employment. While in a normal week I'll get one or two hopefuls wandering in, my store has attracted easily four dozen prospective employees over the last two weeks. Out of all of these young […]