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{ Monthly Archives } April 2005

Everybody’s got one

I suppose I'm the last person on the planet to link to this, but go read Darth Vader's Blog already. Just like Star Wars: KOTOR and Republic Commando, it's another piece of the Star Wars universe that has more creativity, soul, humor and character than the two latest Star Wars movies. And Lucas had nothing […]

The sky is falling! Er, well, for small values of falling…

John C Dvorak is a columnist with PC Magazine. Columnist is an ancient latin word made up from 'ist', meaning 'a person who writes' and 'Column', meaning 'obviously stupid statements designed to stir up an artificial controversy and generate readership'. This isn't to say that Dvorak is a stupid man. On the contrary, he's very […]

Bargain alert!

At the risk of pulling a The Manolo here, I need to point out a couple of smoking weaponry deals: Sportsman's Guide is offering the large Beretta 30% serrated skeletonized lockblade for $30. This is a high quality blade that is sharp enough to shave with, lighter than it looks and is quickly opened with […]

Late fees and the deadbeats who rack them up

Via Fark, a report that a single deadbeat down in Alabama has managed to rack up $8k in late fees and stolen items: Major penalties are in store for a man who has racked up more than his share of late fees. Shreveport Police have arrested a man for failing to return more than 8-thousand […]

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

As a heterosexual ballistic-American who's idea of fashionable translates roughly to 'washed recently', I probably enjoy reading The Manolo a lot more than I ought to be. And not just the catty jibes at foolish celebrities, but also his recommendations for girl's shoes, for crying out loud. A good writer puts information into a useful […]

Condi, you big tease!

From the AP wire: Da… Nyet, Nyet, Nyet!' Rice Tells Russians Wed Apr 20, 6:47 AM ET Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tried out her rusty Russian in a Moscow radio interview Wednesday, only to get caught out by a question on whether she might run for president. "Da (Yes)," Rice answered in Russian, before […]

But seriously, folks

<cooper> We continue to be amused by the chattering Left who are aghast that the Papal Conclave would elect a Catholic to be the next Pope. </cooper> I was laughing out loud at some of the over the top reactions on CNN and various lefty blogs. More years of oppression for women wanting to use […]

Hot off the presses

From, the first official picture of the new Pope: Oh come on, it's funny damnit.

This generation is lost

From Drudge: Mall Won't Allow Teens Without ParentsApr 20, 6:56 AM (ET) NASHUA, N.H. (AP) – Every kid knows hanging out with Mom or Dad can be kind of a drag. Kids who want to spend time at the Pheasant Lane Mall on Friday or Saturday nights might not have a choice.In response to recent […]

There they go again

I really need to stop reading Or at least give it the lgf treatment and read the articles and skip the comments. They unearthed new levels of gullibility by discussing Nintendo's latest PR fax. In case you haven't been paying attention, Nintendo's opted out of showing the 'Revolution' at this year's E3 show in […]