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{ Monthly Archives } January 2005

Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

Cold Fury.

Clayton Cramer Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Is there anything more frustrating than when an otherwise intelligent adult insists on repeatedly making himself look like a mouth breathing idiot? Clayton Cramer, I'm talking about you. (And you, Lew Rockwell). Now listen up, because I'm only saying this once: Nothing in biology makes sense without evolution. Evolution as a theory is as proven […]

More Gun Talk: My Favorite Four

A recent topic on the C&R email list was 'What's your favorite six calibers and why?'. This was a difficult question for me, as I could only think of four that were real favorites. I suppose that I could pick a couple more if hard pressed, but I really see no reason why there are […]


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Fun Presents Everywhere!

Moving into a new store is much like moving into a new house. You spend days and days encountering the lovely presents the previous occupants left behind. So far I've had to deal with: – Pricing. I've yet to encounter a price tag on an item that matched what it was supposed to be in […]

A Gordian Moment

Teenaged asian kid walks in with a couple of his friends, caps on crooked, MC Hammer pants on. They grab NFL Street 2 and Burnout 3 and approach the counter with Homie-speak mode on. "Yo, we wanna rent these games." "Sure, name and phone number?" "Bobby Tran." <clicketyclicky> "Hmmm, not seeing it.""Try Jack Tran." "Ah, […]

One Week In

Yeah, so I bought my own video game store. Well, it's mine in the same sense that my house is 'mine', in that I can decide to repaint it, clean it or not and generally control what happens inside its walls.  But if I stop sending checks to its REAL owner, I cease being its […]