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A Note On “Privilege”

So this “privilege” thing is in the air and of course everyone has to comment on it, I guess me too. In case you haven’t run into it yet, it’s the annoyingly, increasingly common debate-ending tactic where the person losing the argument notes the relative success and/or race of the person winning the argument, and […]

There’s Always Free Cheese In A Mousetrap

Soooo, the SIG SB15 “Pistol” “Brace”. Clever end run around stupid and anachronistic legal hassles or this generation’s SWD Striker-12? Will the ATF demand we hand over the Pistol Brace units only or will they also take the gun it’s attached to?

Surely This Must Be Some Kind of Record

Lost in the hilarity of Democratic California State Senator Leland Yee getting hooked up for corruption, arms trafficking and money laundering, was that on the very same day, our own Mayor of Charlotte Patrick Cannon (D) got the stainless bracelet treatment for corruption and bribery. Which brings me to this article by the Associated Press, […]

Even More Open Carry Fail

[h/t to Bob Owens @] December 28: Open carry advocate Derek Poe decides to open carry his AR-15 in a Texas shopping mall to “exercise his rights”, “normalize firearms carry” and such. The popo disagrees and hooks him up for disorderly conduct. One week later: That selfsame shopping mall, which had previously had a […]

Life In Obama’s America

So in Chicago, model city for the nation, a round of applause for the police as they quickly tracked down and apprehended Luis Alberto Pantoja for the brutal rape and assault of a 15 year old girl, who remains hospitalized in critical condition. The attack was reported at 5:25AM, and after feverish work by detectives […]

Love Letters From The Patriarchy

A handful of years ago, a good friend called me up late at night with a crisis of confidence. He just had a long term relationship broken off and was drifting about single, and unexpectedly found himself courting an unattached lady, who was courting him right back. “Man, what do I do? I’m not ready […]

Matthew Inman Is Full Of Shit On Hunting And Hunters

So this week’s two minute hate is directed at Melissa Bachman (whose personal site appears to have been DDoS’d at this writing, because the internet mob does not use rational arguments, only bullying), a TV host who has a popular hunting show, because she apparently traveled to South Africa and supported its economy and wildlife […]

Furries Ruin Everything

So in today’s edition of the decline of The West, we have Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. Let me be clear, I am not dumping on the series itself. As a show for preteen kids, it’s pretty great, and I’m happy my kids latched on to it instead of condescending […]

Purity Tests

Over at my paying blog, I ask if people in the shooting enthusiast community are hypocrites by supporting art made by anti-gun artists. (Spoiler alert: NO). The idea that we should be going through movies and books and TV shows with a fine toothed comb looking for counter-revolutionary rhetoric just makes my skin crawl. Obviously […]

Oh, We Get Letters!

Well, IM’s and emails mostly, but I was queried about a few things recently that I thought deserved a post. Don’t you have anything to say about this whole Zimmerman / Martin thingey? Not especially. It’s all been said by people smarter and more eloquent than I, though none of it was in the popular […]