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Dr pdb’s Anti-Depression Prescription

nb: THIS POST IS NOT PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY AIMED AT ANYONE IN PARTICULAR. I wrote the kernel of this post in reply to a guy on arfcom GD with a case of the why bothers and don’t wannas, and I thought fellow sufferers might benefit from it. Are you depressed? Do you sit around all day […]

Notes on Working From Home

So for the past few months my job has been to write posts for GunUp: The Magazine: The Blog, and one article a month for GunUp’s print magazine. This job also coincided with me becoming the primary daytime caretaker of my kids. Balancing these has been a bit of an adventure, and here’s some of […]

More Cookery!

Hey, y’all want some better recipes than mine? Buy the Farmfam’s cookbook already!

Cooking For People Who Hate Cooking: pdb’s Grilled Cheese Jihad

The grilled cheese sandwich is possibly my most favorite and fastest comfort foods. Hungry and only have a few minutes? Bam! However, it came to my attention that most people do grilled cheese wrong. This may be difficult to believe, since you only need bread, cheese, and butter, but most people make a grilled cheese […]

Cooking For People Who Hate Cooking: pdb’s Stupid Easy AwesomeSauce

Last time we covered roasting a chicken, so now let’s talk pasta. One of the most heartbreaking things I see in the grocery store is people buying pasta sauce in a jar. It’s bland, tasteless and full of crap. Why settle for glop in a jar when you can whip up your own in a […]

Old People Were Right All Along: pdb Rediscovers Giant American Cars, Double Edged Razors and The Winchester 1894

So last week my desultory biweekly check of the sadly dusty Walmart ammo counter turned up a few boxes of .30-30. Remembering that I had a Winchester 1894 that I’d never shot, I grabbed two boxes (Don’t bogart the ammo, gunbros) and took Great-Grandpa’s gun down to PHA with me that Friday along with my […]

Cooking For People Who Hate Cooking: pdb’s Stupid Easy Roasted Chicken

Knowing more than a few people who enjoy eating but are too busy or intimidated to cook themselves, I thought I’d type up a couple of my favorite stupid easy recipes. Today, I urge you to shun the dessicated under a heat lamp Walmart rotisserie chicken and roast your own damn chicken. Here’s what you […]

Y’all Watch This!

So it’s new watch day at Casa del pdb! I had been wearing a Seiko SNZG15 on a NATO for the longest time after going through a series of “inexpensive” vintage 7002 Seiko automatic military face watches. After a few iterations of buying a used one from Thailand or the Philippines off of eBay, having […]

I Made Something!

(alt. title: While Roberta X Gently Weeps) So earlier this year our Time-Warner Cable bill went up by about 50%. Somewhat peeved, I called up and demanded an adjustment, but the best they could do was not quite good enough. Voting with our dollars, we gave the TV portion the boot and are now only […]


I’m at a strange, unfamiliar place in my career as a gun owner. I’m fairly satisfied with the guns I own for the shooting I do, or anticipate I might have to do in the future, and the list of my wants has dwindled to buying redundant duplicates of guns I have, or in a […]