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There’s Always Free Cheese In A Mousetrap

Soooo, the SIG SB15 “Pistol” “Brace”. Clever end run around stupid and anachronistic legal hassles or this generation’s SWD Striker-12? Will the ATF demand we hand over the Pistol Brace units only or will they also take the gun it’s attached to?

Guns I Hate Part 1: The Ruger SR Series

As I alluded to months ago, there exists a tier of autoloading pistols between outright trash like Hi-Point and the various potmetal ring of fire companies, and actual decent pistols that are popular in police service and competition. Let’s call it the “Derp Tier”, because for about the same money you could have had a […]

A Turd By Any Other Name: Moore’s Machine Co. Is Now Bear Creek Arsenal

A year ago, my cousin made the mistake of buying a Moore’s Machine Co. AR-15 clone at the peak of the 2013 Great Panic. Fortunately, the retailer was kind enough to take it back unfired and let him walk out with the S&W M&P-15 he should have bought in the first place (which has continued […]

Ask The Gunsmith Part 2: Ruger Mega Snubbie!

Mr CAMM1520 asks: I have a 5 inch Ruger Redhawk that never gets any work. I have the crazy idea of getting the barrel shortened to the end of the extractor housing and using it for a giant snubby for home defense. I have seen a wide range of prices for this work. Any idea […]

Ask The Gunsmith Part 1: Dat Plunger Tube

Commenter Dave asks: Best fix for a loose plunger tube? “The best bet is to restake it if there is enough usable material and if not new ones are pretty inexpensive. They make a fixture for doing it that is the best bet as far as I know to do it. It came loose because […]

Ask The Gunsmith?

So Gunsmith Joe, the fellow responsible for taking my box of Norinco 1911 parts from derp to awesome, mentioned that he’s got lots of opinions and wanted to generally raise the clue level of the gunblogosphere, and yet just didn’t have enough attention span and give-a-crap to run his own blog. So what about some […]

Remington Has Already Screwed Up The R-51

As I’ve mentioned previously, as both a founding member of the 3913 fanclub and a recovering C&R addict, I am unreasonably excited about Remington’s new R-51 9mm pistol. A rebirth of the unsuccessful Pedersen locking breechblock pistol of the 1920s, the R-51 looks art-deco Raymond Loewy awesome, and is something genuinely new and unique in […]

Minute of Dip Can

As mentioned while describing the “Nomad” AR, being able to hit a dip can as far away as one can see a dip can is a pretty decent test of rifle and shooter. Seeing as how inducing gum cancer is an increasingly rare hobby around here, I decided to make a printable target instead. Here’s […]

Even More Open Carry Fail

[h/t to Bob Owens @] December 28: Open carry advocate Derek Poe decides to open carry his AR-15 in a Texas shopping mall to “exercise his rights”, “normalize firearms carry” and such. The popo disagrees and hooks him up for disorderly conduct. One week later: That selfsame shopping mall, which had previously had a […]

Operation: Blank Check

Life is the management of compromises and tradeoffs. Do I buy a less expensive house further away from the city but spend more time and money on my commute? Should I get the full rack of baby back ribs or the giant plate of chili cheese fries? Our desires always have to fit inside the […]