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I Got Trailer-Trash Served

A busy Friday afternoon! pdb has just closed a deal on a used PSP and some accessories when a pale rotund woman and her brood of a teen-age boy and a pre-teen girl enter the store! “Hey, whatcha’ll ya gotta do to be rentin’ in here?” “Pardon?” “Do y’all have a membership, or whut?” “Sure, […]

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Contract

A warm spring day! pdb is fixing PS2s and pondering the meaning of life when a customer intrudes! “Hey, I’ve got this game, and we’ve had it for a while…” “Sure, lemme see.” Simpson’s Hit and Run for the PS2 is laid on the counter. *clicky* “Ooooh. It’s four months overdue.” “Er, yeah, we totally […]

Not My Problem

A quiet spring day! pdb decides to do the late list… “Hello?” “Hi, is this Joe Joesephson?” “Yes?” “Hey, this is pdb at pdb’s game store. You’ve got two Xbox360 games checked out, Rainbow Six: Vegas and Crackdown. They’re both five days overdue.” “What?” “We haven’t gotten those two games back yet.” “Hold on!” Muffled […]

Do Not Dare pdb

It’s a chilly November eve as consumers keep pdb busy! pdb has just finished telling hopeful #105 that no, he is not able to get any PS3’s in, when a man bearing DVD returns comes striding in. “Hey, I’m dropping these off for my girl.” “Okay, lemme check them in.” Man starts to leave. “Hold […]