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Guns I Hate Part 2: The Springfield Inc. XD

nb: In the case of butthurts, please take a moment and reread this post. Also see Part 1: The Ruger SR. tldr: That your singular pistol works fine and you are happy with it is not a statistically relevant piece of information. Without the magnitude of numbers involved in police contracts or competitive pistol leagues, […]

There’s Always Free Cheese In A Mousetrap

Soooo, the SIG SB15 “Pistol” “Brace”. Clever end run around stupid and anachronistic legal hassles or this generation’s SWD Striker-12? Will the ATF demand we hand over the Pistol Brace units only or will they also take the gun it’s attached to?

A Turd By Any Other Name: Moore’s Machine Co. Is Now Bear Creek Arsenal

A year ago, my cousin made the mistake of buying a Moore’s Machine Co. AR-15 clone at the peak of the 2013 Great Panic. Fortunately, the retailer was kind enough to take it back unfired and let him walk out with the S&W M&P-15 he should have bought in the first place (which has continued […]

Remington Has Already Screwed Up The R-51

As I’ve mentioned previously, as both a founding member of the 3913 fanclub and a recovering C&R addict, I am unreasonably excited about Remington’s new R-51 9mm pistol. A rebirth of the unsuccessful Pedersen locking breechblock pistol of the 1920s, the R-51 looks art-deco Raymond Loewy awesome, and is something genuinely new and unique in […]

Duckface Bunny Cheesecake: We Must Demand Better, Guys

True to his job description, my friend Caleb brought the controversy on Facebook by questioning Melissa Gilliand’s photo shoot in Sure Shots Magazine, a digital website publication. I have a serious question for my lady shooter friends: Is this really the image you want presented of female shooters? No offense intended to Ms. Gilliland, whom […]

Operator, Please

So today the Firearms Blog gamely and politely reviews the $850 MSES AQC sight distributed by, of course, the leading importers of tactical derp, Command Arms Accessories. While appearing at first to be a fairly faithful EOtech clone, the AQC’s main selling point is that it offers three different reticules to the shooter, switchable at […]

Purity Tests

Over at my paying blog, I ask if people in the shooting enthusiast community are hypocrites by supporting art made by anti-gun artists. (Spoiler alert: NO). The idea that we should be going through movies and books and TV shows with a fine toothed comb looking for counter-revolutionary rhetoric just makes my skin crawl. Obviously […]

Just Can’t Help Myself

I saw a picture of The LAV in some BFG promo pictures for Shot Show 2013 and I knew I’d seen that look before… Grumpy Operator Cat. Should this become a thing? I think this should become a thing.

Oh Boy. I Can’t Wait.

So I got an email from Remington! You mean like the 710, 770, 887, 105cti and Versa-Max? Thanks but no thanks. [update!] Looks like it’s called the Remington 783. It looks less crappy than the 710 and 770, but that’s not saying much. I still think the Ruger American and the Savage-Stevens 200 are the […]

I Made Something!

(alt. title: While Roberta X Gently Weeps) So earlier this year our Time-Warner Cable bill went up by about 50%. Somewhat peeved, I called up and demanded an adjustment, but the best they could do was not quite good enough. Voting with our dollars, we gave the TV portion the boot and are now only […]