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Guns I Hate Part 2.5: Externalities of The Derp Tier

As I’ve mentioned before in this slow running series, singular anecdotes of individual guns failing or working well aren’t demonstrative in of themselves, but my observations at this month’s 2-gun match reminded me of something I had forgotten to bring up. In my squad of a baker’s dozen shooters, the Springfield Inc XD was well […]

There’s More Stuff To Watch On Youtube!

In case you’re sick of me being hypercritical of gun videos on the yootoob all the time, here’s some channels I’m subscribed to and can recommend to you to czech out. One of the more amusing developments of the Cloud Age is that people are entertained by watching other people play video games. Yes, we […]

De-Skinning Your Smokewagon

Fresh on the yootoob is a video of a guy shooting himself in the leg at a USPSA match. The shooter seems adamant that it was not his error, but mechanical failure that caused the discharge. I’m skeptical, but since the camera is on the wrong side of the action, we will probably never know […]

Lug & Gun — or — Don’t You Wish You Were Ninja Like Me

So a culmination of events mean that I get to shoot a competition again shortly! My Club’s brand spanking new five, count ’em, five, 40 yard bays were shut down for months on orders of the EPA to check drainage runoff. This killed our fledgling USPSA and “Tactical” (practical rifle and pistol) match operations. But […]

Printable USPSA Targets

Here’s a couple targets I’ve been practicing with. These are a set of 1/3rd scale targets I found somewhere that I can’t remember, including the standard USPSA and IPSC targets, a variety of hard cover targets, and reduced scale poppers and a Texas star. Really useful for that .22LR trainer you’ve got. This is one […]

Pow, Right In The High School

So this past Saturday I went down to my club and shot my first USPSA match. It was a beautiful day, the stages were varied and creative with a minimum of BS DQ-bait gotchas, and my squad were all cheerful and friendly and (mostly) pitched in with pasting up targets and resetting steel. My performance […]