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The Eternal Derpocolypse Rolls On

One of my many, many associates in the digital wilds sends along this lovely little nugget of primate football fuckery for our entertainment: There is so much fail going on here it’s difficult to find a place to start, but I want to focus on what I see is the big root problem. As I’ve […]

Range Time Meltdown

Depending on what gunblogosphere orbits you circulate in, you may or may not have heard about the sudden drama surrounding Range Time Tactical Shooting, one of the higher profile “guy and a berm” firearms training companies that have sprung up in the last decade. The duo of Corey Jackson and Erika Maxwell rode the waves […]

Patrick Kilchermann of Instant Accuracy, Meet the Streisand Effect. Streisand Effect, Meet Patrick Kilchermann

So about a year ago, Caleb at Gun Nuts junked the light night cable TV pitch come to the shooting community, Instant Accuracy. tl;dr: If you want a proven, skill improving at home dry-fire program, you can get better ones for less, or free. Anyway, this didn’t sit well with pitchman Patrick Kilchermann, who was […]

A Note On “Privilege”

So this “privilege” thing is in the air and of course everyone has to comment on it, I guess me too. In case you haven’t run into it yet, it’s the annoyingly, increasingly common debate-ending tactic where the person losing the argument notes the relative success and/or race of the person winning the argument, and […]

Surely This Must Be Some Kind of Record

Lost in the hilarity of Democratic California State Senator Leland Yee getting hooked up for corruption, arms trafficking and money laundering, was that on the very same day, our own Mayor of Charlotte Patrick Cannon (D) got the stainless bracelet treatment for corruption and bribery. Which brings me to this article by the Associated Press, […]

Operator, Please

So today the Firearms Blog gamely and politely reviews the $850 MSES AQC sight distributed by, of course, the leading importers of tactical derp, Command Arms Accessories. While appearing at first to be a fairly faithful EOtech clone, the AQC’s main selling point is that it offers three different reticules to the shooter, switchable at […]

Love Letters From The Patriarchy

A handful of years ago, a good friend called me up late at night with a crisis of confidence. He just had a long term relationship broken off and was drifting about single, and unexpectedly found himself courting an unattached lady, who was courting him right back. “Man, what do I do? I’m not ready […]

Questioning Someone’s Manhood Isn’t Homophobic

I believe that I’ve mentioned before that my favorite kind of comments to get are ones that point how I am factually incorrect. My least favorite comments, and ones that risk immediate and unhesitating deletion, are not comments that are uselessly insulting or supportive, but rather people deliberately misreading what I’ve written to saddle up […]

Matthew Inman Is Full Of Shit On Hunting And Hunters

So this week’s two minute hate is directed at Melissa Bachman (whose personal site appears to have been DDoS’d at this writing, because the internet mob does not use rational arguments, only bullying), a TV host who has a popular hunting show, because she apparently traveled to South Africa and supported its economy and wildlife […]

And Here We Go Again!

Oh James Yeager no, cameraman downrange @ 0:22! This is stupid. Before someone accuses me of donning my more-safety-than-thou halo, I will state that there are possible reasons to have students or instructors downrange, in tightly controlled circumstances, for strictly limited purposes. Getting cool pictures to promote future classes is not one of them. Neither […]