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The Eternal Derpocolypse Rolls On

One of my many, many associates in the digital wilds sends along this lovely little nugget of primate football fuckery for our entertainment: There is so much fail going on here it’s difficult to find a place to start, but I want to focus on what I see is the big root problem. As I’ve […]

Guns I Hate Part 2.5: Externalities of The Derp Tier

As I’ve mentioned before in this slow running series, singular anecdotes of individual guns failing or working well aren’t demonstrative in of themselves, but my observations at this month’s 2-gun match reminded me of something I had forgotten to bring up. In my squad of a baker’s dozen shooters, the Springfield Inc XD was well […]

Guns I Hate Part 2: The Springfield Inc. XD

nb: In the case of butthurts, please take a moment and reread this post. Also see Part 1: The Ruger SR. tldr: That your singular pistol works fine and you are happy with it is not a statistically relevant piece of information. Without the magnitude of numbers involved in police contracts or competitive pistol leagues, […]

Guns I Hate Part 1: The Ruger SR Series

As I alluded to months ago, there exists a tier of autoloading pistols between outright trash like Hi-Point and the various potmetal ring of fire companies, and actual decent pistols that are popular in police service and competition. Let’s call it the “Derp Tier”, because for about the same money you could have had a […]

Ask The Gunsmith Part 2: Ruger Mega Snubbie!

Mr CAMM1520 asks: I have a 5 inch Ruger Redhawk that never gets any work. I have the crazy idea of getting the barrel shortened to the end of the extractor housing and using it for a giant snubby for home defense. I have seen a wide range of prices for this work. Any idea […]

Remington Has Already Screwed Up The R-51

As I’ve mentioned previously, as both a founding member of the 3913 fanclub and a recovering C&R addict, I am unreasonably excited about Remington’s new R-51 9mm pistol. A rebirth of the unsuccessful Pedersen locking breechblock pistol of the 1920s, the R-51 looks art-deco Raymond Loewy awesome, and is something genuinely new and unique in […]

Remington’s New-ish R-51 Pistol

As we approach SHOT Show 2014, Remington decided to get ahead of the curve and held a press demo for their new/old 9mm semiauto pistol, the R-51, a retooled and modernized development of the Depression era John Pederson designed model 51. Read all about it, and some decent pictures, at The Firearms Blog. Here’s the […]

The Story From The Other Side Of The Counter

I asked gonnesmythe Joe for his take on working with me on taking the Prodigal Norinco from fail to fantastic, and he provided! One thing that didn’t come across was just how quickly the customer – shop relationship can turn south. While providing me with updates, Joe regularly vented to me on the annoyances of […]

Long Road To Ruin

My 1911 journey, which began in 1999 with the purchase of a box stock Norinco 1911A1, involved years of ham-handed customization and kitchen table gunsmithing, some professional misadventures, but really it was a lot of time sitting in a box waiting for rescue, finally reaches kind of a conclusion! (Yes, I’m directing y’all to read […]

Your Gun Works Fine And I Don’t Care

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. [EXTERIOR. PISTOL PIT. DAY.] Range Dude: “Hey man, whatchu think about that there TactiBlasto 9mm high capacity polymer pistol? They say it’s just as good as a Glock for $50 less!” pdb: “Well, it’s certainly an uncommon gun. They’ve got a couple of questionable design decisions but it […]