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Jim Wilson: Full Of Crap, Again

So “Sheriff” Jim Wilson is again confirming his high capacity for fecal matter retention, this time subtly questioning the need for ordinary citizens to participate in Super Scary paramilitary training and own any kind of MOLLE. From the fazeboogs: Of course he doesn’t come out and say it, but he’s heavily implying that the only […]

A Turd By Any Other Name: Moore’s Machine Co. Is Now Bear Creek Arsenal

A year ago, my cousin made the mistake of buying a Moore’s Machine Co. AR-15 clone at the peak of the 2013 Great Panic. Fortunately, the retailer was kind enough to take it back unfired and let him walk out with the S&W M&P-15 he should have bought in the first place (which has continued […]

Minute of Dip Can

As mentioned while describing the “Nomad” AR, being able to hit a dip can as far away as one can see a dip can is a pretty decent test of rifle and shooter. Seeing as how inducing gum cancer is an increasingly rare hobby around here, I decided to make a printable target instead. Here’s […]

Operation: Blank Check

Life is the management of compromises and tradeoffs. Do I buy a less expensive house further away from the city but spend more time and money on my commute? Should I get the full rack of baby back ribs or the giant plate of chili cheese fries? Our desires always have to fit inside the […]

Hope Y’all Had A Merry Christmas, Stop Doing The AR-15 Wrong

As America’s Rifle, the AR type has enjoyed unprecedented popularity, accounting for almost 25% of new long gun sales in recent years. But with great numbers come great numbers of mistakes, as people being people, attempt to find corners to cut or shortcuts to skill. How fortunate for you, that I polled some knowledgeable friends […]

Oil Change

In today’s post over at GunUp Magazine’s Blog, I discover that what works well as AR lubricant on a pleasant North Carolina spring day doesn’t work quite as good on a frigid 41F winter morning, after the oil has had 18 months to congeal into a sooty, gummy mess. Spoiler Alert: A quick wipedown with […]

pdb’s Misadventures With Reloading Metallic Cartridges

In our hyper-litigious climate, I am amazed that a hobby such as reloading hasn’t been sued into oblivion. Yet here we are, where absolutely anybody with enough money for a reloading press and supplies can become their own ballistic engineer! Hey, it’s only 50kpsi of hot expanding gas contained by the lowest bidder next to […]

Operation Scout Gat: The Denouement

You know where to go by now. But do not be sad, this is not the last you will see of Scout Gat! Many things are on the way, and this is not even Scout Gat’s final form.

Operation Scout Gat: The Quickening!

Head on over to GunUp: The Magazine: The Blog for part 2 of my scout rifle adventures, including a closer look at the Ruger American Compact and the Primary Arms MD06. On Friday: WE SHOOT

Operation: Scout Gat

In this week’s series of posts at GunUp: The Magazine: The Blog, I finally build my scout rifle! Except it’s not really a purebred, high class scout “Rifle“, and more of a Scout Gat. What do I mean by that? You’ll have to read to find out! It’s also a good study in my previous […]