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This Is All Your Fault

In case you missed it, a brief recap of this past week’s stupid gun-o-sphere drama. 1). A few months ago in a now deleted Facebook comment, George Fennell, the engineer behind Weapon Shield, insinuates that a popular and well advertised firearm lubricant is in fact repackaged vegetable oil. 2). Interest piqued, Andrew Tuhoy at Vuurwapen […]

Operator, Please

So today the Firearms Blog gamely and politely reviews the $850 MSES AQC sight distributed by, of course, the leading importers of tactical derp, Command Arms Accessories. While appearing at first to be a fairly faithful EOtech clone, the AQC’s main selling point is that it offers three different reticules to the shooter, switchable at […]

Operation Aspiration

As anyone who’s read The Last Psychiatrist understands, advertising is the sincerest form of psychology because the livelihoods of everyone involved depends directly on the accuracy of the assessment. The advertising agency / client feedback loop is nearly instantaneous and completely unforgiving, and therefore the manner in which the products are hawked to a particular […]

Other Hazards of Low Quality ARs

As we’ve seen previously with the dismal MMC AR-15, the biggest problem with buying crappy ARs and AR parts is that you spend about the same money for a useless, out of spec piece of trash when you could have gotten a real rifle instead. But as Erin Palette unhappily discovered with the scam artists […]

pdb’s Guide To Surviving the 2012-2013 Gun Frenzypocolopse

Predictably, prices for all sorts of politically incorrect guns and their parts, magazines and ammunition have gone through the roof in response to the predictable political response to the unpredictable Sandy Hook shooting. It’s impossible to say how much of this is opportunistic profit seeking, and how much is newly awakened scrambling, but nothing is […]

Got Ten Minutes?

Then please watch this. You’ll thank me later. Watch Does U.S. Economic Inequality Have a Good Side? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. I am just as staggered that this interview originated on PBS, as I am amused at the interviewer’s stuttering rage and frustration as this guy relentlessly gores every single last sacred […]

Occupy Installation 04

Leave Rebecca Black Alone!

So we’re all supposed to be laughing and pointing at this teenaged girl whose parents bought her time in a recording studio for a vanity song and video project, because the result was not a timeless classic: It’s not my cup of tea, Led Zepplin it’s not. But then again, what is these days? Is […]

The Numbers Don’t Lie

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know: Laurence Kotlikoff Simple. We have 78 million baby boomers who, when fully retired, will collect benefits from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that, on average, exceed per-capita GDP. The annual costs of these entitlements will total about $4 trillion in today’s dollars. Yes, our economy will be […]

I Think Something’s Missing!

Economic growth likely slowed in second quarter The Associated Press Published: July 30, 2010 WASHINGTON The already fragile economic recovery may be getting weaker. Economists expect the government to report Friday that economic growth slowed in the April-to-June quarter as consumers bought less, builders pulled back further, and cash-hungry state and local governments cut spending. […]