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Jim Wilson: Full Of Crap, Again

So “Sheriff” Jim Wilson is again confirming his high capacity for fecal matter retention, this time subtly questioning the need for ordinary citizens to participate in Super Scary paramilitary training and own any kind of MOLLE. From the fazeboogs: Of course he doesn’t come out and say it, but he’s heavily implying that the only […]

Operation Aspiration

As anyone who’s read The Last Psychiatrist understands, advertising is the sincerest form of psychology because the livelihoods of everyone involved depends directly on the accuracy of the assessment. The advertising agency / client feedback loop is nearly instantaneous and completely unforgiving, and therefore the manner in which the products are hawked to a particular […]

Lug & Gun — or — Don’t You Wish You Were Ninja Like Me

So a culmination of events mean that I get to shoot a competition again shortly! My Club’s brand spanking new five, count ’em, five, 40 yard bays were shut down for months on orders of the EPA to check drainage runoff. This killed our fledgling USPSA and “Tactical” (practical rifle and pistol) match operations. But […]

Got M4?

If you’re still without a military pattern semi-automatic carbine, you may want to consider this offering from Palmetto State Armory. PSA is one of the new wave of AR clone parts houses and has a short but decent reputation for good parts, reasonable pricing and responsive customer service. I have no personal experience using their […]

We Live In A World With Malls, Son!

Who’s going to defend them? YOU? Attended a carbine class recently, despite not being an Only One, and therefore have no need to know how to work a long gun? Then here’s a patch for us. Courtesy of the enormously talented Robb Allen. Contact him for your graphical needs today! UPDATE! Version 2.0 is available […]

Query On Carbine Classes

So you unequivocally have the right to own a scary looking military assault rifle, but don’t even try to learn how to use it, because that’s for only the government’s employees to know? Do I have that right? I’m just thinking that sounded better in the original German.

A Moron Writes More On War Gear

Inspired by the comment thread here, I’d like to revisit the various types of cool-dude nylon you can buy to carry some rifle magazines around with you. The way I see it, if your local situation is discombobulated enough to justify walking around with a fighting long arm, you will probably also want to carry […]

Body Count

So some ghastly lowlife in Carthage, NC decided the only way he could leave his stamp on this world was to walk into a nursing home and take the lives of 8 innocents. He also wounded three others, including a responding police officer. He was temporarily taken out of action by the local PD, so […]

Range Trip!

The purpose of today’s range trip was to shoot the Appleseed ‘redcoat’ target that ET had sent me months ago, months after he had originally threatened to send them, and I plain forgot to bring last trip. I was going to do a vblog type deal, but I fail at speaking, even with prepared notes: […]

Appleseed Review

Frequent commenter and fellow #gunblogger_conspiracy regular ExistingThing has posted an excellent and detailed report of his experience at a 2 day Appleseed rifle clinic. I stand by my earlier remarks. I think that teaching students to shoot on reduced scale targets is a great way to frustrate and alienate beginners. I also believe that the […]