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Oh, We Get Letters!

Well, IM’s and emails mostly, but I was queried about a few things recently that I thought deserved a post. Don’t you have anything to say about this whole Zimmerman / Martin thingey? Not especially. It’s all been said by people smarter and more eloquent than I, though none of it was in the popular […]

There’s More Stuff To Watch On Youtube!

In case you’re sick of me being hypercritical of gun videos on the yootoob all the time, here’s some channels I’m subscribed to and can recommend to you to czech out. One of the more amusing developments of the Cloud Age is that people are entertained by watching other people play video games. Yes, we […]

We Love Battlefield 3

This Christmas season, the stars and moon aligned and I did something I’ve done only four times in my life. I bought a new release video game at full retail price. Well, kinda. I did wait until it was $30 at Best Buy on Black Friday, but I would have happily paid $60 for it. […]

Dear Green Bay Packers:

Sirs, I am willing to not play quarterback for you for the mere sum of $50000 a year for 10 years, saving you $19.5 million dollars over paying Brett Favre $20M to not play quarterback for you. Since I have very little clue as to how to play quarterback, I’m positive I can do a […]


Resolve… withering. Initial reports… awesome. Stupid brother… has played it… and loves it. Still… unemployed. Shouldn’t spend $60 on a… damn… video game… What’s blood plasma going for these days? Anybody want to buy an SKS?

It’s Okay To Be Popular: pdb Preemptively Defends Halo 3

[suggested musical accompaniment] I bet you thought that me selling off the store would get you a free pass from listening to my boring opinions on video gaming. Well, tough. I’ve just reviewed the entirety of this guy’s commentary and I’ve got something to add. If I end up inadvertently aping his style, also, too […]