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This Is All Your Fault

In case you missed it, a brief recap of this past week’s stupid gun-o-sphere drama. 1). A few months ago in a now deleted Facebook comment, George Fennell, the engineer behind Weapon Shield, insinuates that a popular and well advertised firearm lubricant is in fact repackaged vegetable oil. 2). Interest piqued, Andrew Tuhoy at Vuurwapen […]

Duckface Bunny Cheesecake: We Must Demand Better, Guys

True to his job description, my friend Caleb brought the controversy on Facebook by questioning Melissa Gilliand’s photo shoot in Sure Shots Magazine, a digital website publication. I have a serious question for my lady shooter friends: Is this really the image you want presented of female shooters? No offense intended to Ms. Gilliland, whom […]

No, Not Here, Over There!

Just a couple of things going on lately. First, my three month contract at LargeHFCSco was not renewed after 50 months into the assignment. While it wasn’t a bad gig, it had gotten too comfy and I wasn’t going anywhere with it. So I’m currently casting about for a new magic elf box tending job. […]

Operation Aspiration

As anyone who’s read The Last Psychiatrist understands, advertising is the sincerest form of psychology because the livelihoods of everyone involved depends directly on the accuracy of the assessment. The advertising agency / client feedback loop is nearly instantaneous and completely unforgiving, and therefore the manner in which the products are hawked to a particular […]

Kneed A Knice Knew Knife?

So my rapacious capitalist buddy Paul recently took a flyer on a few odds and ends from the People’s Republic of China’s handy dandy slave labor outlet Aliexpress (motto: Seems legit!) in hopes of finding unique and interesting nerdfriendly merch that could support a healthy markup. And one of them was this here locking folding […]

Got M4?

If you’re still without a military pattern semi-automatic carbine, you may want to consider this offering from Palmetto State Armory. PSA is one of the new wave of AR clone parts houses and has a short but decent reputation for good parts, reasonable pricing and responsive customer service. I have no personal experience using their […]

pdb Reviews The Crimson Trace Light Guard: Part 1

Shortly after posting my review of carrying a G19 with a Streamlight TLR-1 flashlight concealed, Iain Harrison of Crimson Trace emailed me and asked if I wanted to have a look at a new pistol light they were developing. After he promised not to lick my head, I agreed, and my copy arrived a couple […]

Thinking Too Hard About Cars 2

So Mrs pdb and I shelled out a staggering amount of cash and took Jack to see his first movie on the big screen. Between seeing Cars about 23000 times and owning about enough Pixar merchandise that we probably have an ice cream dispenser named in our honor at the Pixar campus cafeteria, we of […]

Leave Rebecca Black Alone!

So we’re all supposed to be laughing and pointing at this teenaged girl whose parents bought her time in a recording studio for a vanity song and video project, because the result was not a timeless classic: It’s not my cup of tea, Led Zepplin it’s not. But then again, what is these days? Is […]


Just to clear a few things up, I really don’t think that insurance agents are bloodsucking, amoral leeches. They really do help ordinary people manage their life risks! Also, USPSA is an important part of the shooting community and I am quite sure that its practitioners are not necessarily attracted to other men. (Although there’s […]