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Morality Quiz!

Consider a snack vending machine at your work. It has stolen your money in the past, and the procedure for applying for a refund is laughably slow and stingy. This particular evening, it has not only eaten your dollar, but appears to be on the fritz! You come back and check on it a little […]

Grilled Cheese Time!

Someone who I will not name, because I do not wish to publicly shame him, recently opined to me that the correct cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich is not cheese at all, but the bright orange plastic wrapped slices of vegetable oil sold as “processed cheese”. I am appalled. Surely this opinion is not […]

3 Flavor Popcorn In A Decorative Tin!


I Don’t Remember Asking Y’all

So according to Gallup, the rest of the world would prefer we elect a corrupt, gun hating, tax raising collectivist who does not believe in the exceptionalism of America. This is what is technically called a “No Shit, Sherlock”, considering that the rest of the world is nearly uniformly composed of unfree kleptocracies whose proles […]

Ritual Poll


Poll Time!

I want to test out a couple polling widgets for future use in picking my reader’s brains. So, here’s the first one! Simple enough, eh? Surveys – Take Our Poll