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The Eternal Derpocolypse Rolls On

One of my many, many associates in the digital wilds sends along this lovely little nugget of primate football fuckery for our entertainment: There is so much fail going on here it’s difficult to find a place to start, but I want to focus on what I see is the big root problem. As I’ve […]

Jim Wilson: Full Of Crap, Again

So “Sheriff” Jim Wilson is again confirming his high capacity for fecal matter retention, this time subtly questioning the need for ordinary citizens to participate in Super Scary paramilitary training and own any kind of MOLLE. From the fazeboogs: Of course he doesn’t come out and say it, but he’s heavily implying that the only […]

Range Time Meltdown

Depending on what gunblogosphere orbits you circulate in, you may or may not have heard about the sudden drama surrounding Range Time Tactical Shooting, one of the higher profile “guy and a berm” firearms training companies that have sprung up in the last decade. The duo of Corey Jackson and Erika Maxwell rode the waves […]

Operation Aspiration

As anyone who’s read The Last Psychiatrist understands, advertising is the sincerest form of psychology because the livelihoods of everyone involved depends directly on the accuracy of the assessment. The advertising agency / client feedback loop is nearly instantaneous and completely unforgiving, and therefore the manner in which the products are hawked to a particular […]

And Here We Go Again!

Oh James Yeager no, cameraman downrange @ 0:22! This is stupid. Before someone accuses me of donning my more-safety-than-thou halo, I will state that there are possible reasons to have students or instructors downrange, in tightly controlled circumstances, for strictly limited purposes. Getting cool pictures to promote future classes is not one of them. Neither […]

Saddle Up Your Llama!

OMFG we’ve got gun trainer dramas on the internets! A kind tip o’the hat to Tam the Ma’am, who alerted us to a Chernobyl scale meltdown at As best as I can figure out, industry insider and general fount of clue DocGKR posted a detailed and thoughtful review of a Ken Hackathorn advanced pistol […]

Firearms Training Scam Of The Day:

The only thing I like better than personally junking a bullshit firearms training scam outfit, is when somebody else does it for me! And today, Caleb dip-dip-potato-chips, with a bonus appearance from the scammer himself in comments! Read all about it at Gun Nuts. Protip: You want a gen-u-whine dry fire program that’s guaranteed […]

Tactical Bingo!

In order to help you detect the bullshit artists among the legit trainers in the firearms training world, my buddy Paul came up with this handy-dandy tactical buzzword bingo sheet! It’s probably not possible to find any current school that doesn’t use one of these catchphrases, but if you make a bingo, you should probably […]

Always Be Willing To Walk

In case you haven’t read it already, take a moment and look over fellow NC gun blogger Sean’s sad experience at Lethal Weapons Training Academy in Erie, PA. Short version: After their complaints about repeated lapses in gun handling safety by the staff were brushed off, Sean, his brother and his father forfeited their tuition […]

Profit Focused Instruction

It occurs to me that over the years, I’ve junked far more defensive firearm instructors and organizations than I’ve praised. This is partly due to my own short training resume, limited as I am by both money and travel time. But it’s also due to the fact that you can judge an operation on poor […]