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The Phalse Phable Of The Phantom’s Gun (And Other Tales)

The traditional narrative summary of American air-to-air combat in the 1960s and 1970s goes a little like this: Believing a new age of pushbutton warfare had dawned, the Americans designed their new fighter without a gun! This technological hubris resulted in American combat aviators being unprepared to face a brave, hardy foe flying “obsolete” cannon […]

Jim Wilson: Full Of Crap, Again

So “Sheriff” Jim Wilson is again confirming his high capacity for fecal matter retention, this time subtly questioning the need for ordinary citizens to participate in Super Scary paramilitary training and own any kind of MOLLE. From the fazeboogs: Of course he doesn’t come out and say it, but he’s heavily implying that the only […]

Wolverines Ride Again!

So here we are in 2012 and apparently the new happening thing is communist invasion! Red Dawn the remake has been in development limbo for years, and apparently will be in theaters this November. I’m morally opposed to uncreative remakes, but I gotta say, I enjoyed the trailer: And we’ve certainly had a dearth of […]

Internet Spaceships, John Boyd, Jeff Cooper, Keanu Reeves, and You.

I recently ran across this short dissertation on mindset and OODA loops from a somewhat unusual source, and since you’re not reading anything here, I recommend you read it!

10 Years Of Fighting And … What?

10 years have passed, several thousand servicemen have died, an order of magnitude more Enemy have been killed, including multiple leaders and dictators, two Enemy governments have been toppled, so why does it seem like we haven’t even started fighting yet? Is our lack of progress due to an intractable Enemy or have we hamstrung […]

Herman Cain Should Not Become President

Islam is a disgusting, vile, oppressive and brutally misogynistic totalitarian ideology. It is fundamentally incompatible with modern pluralistic civilization. Nations dominated by its followers produce nothing of value, generate no scientific discoveries or engineering feats and are entirely dependent on extracting minerals from the earth to finance themselves. Inside western nations, it appeals to the […]

Leave War To The Warmongers

Nobody is a bigger fan of dropping bombs on unelected wog dictators and their vile henchmen than me, but I do not think I am alone in wondering just what in the wide wide world of sports we are doing in Libya. Our military has been engaged in “time-limited, scope-limited” kinetic action (but not a […]

My Orange Is Better Than Your Apple!

I spent this morning by emptying the gun safe at casa del pdb, recording the serial numbers and a picture of the items within, wiping them down, and putting them back in. As I held both my Mutt AR and my long suffering Norinco NHM91, I was reminded both of the eternal “AK or AR?!” […]


In all of industrial design history, there is probably not a single piece of equipment that was as instantaneously, unexpectedly disruptive and epochal as the 1911 Browning design self loading pistol. Other game-changers like the Model T automobile, DC-3 airplane, FT diesel locomotive and IBM PC were more of a culmination of efforts, processes and […]

pdb’s Short Notes On The 7.62×35

So The Freedom Group [Remington, AAC, Shrubmaster, etc] went ahead and standardized another wildcat, like the .25-06 and 7mm-06. Only this time, it’s the .300 Whisper / Fireball that got the makeover and is now known to us as the 300 AAC Blackout. Unlike the .300 Whisper, the 300 AAC is based on the 5.56 […]