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Old People Were Right All Along: pdb Rediscovers Giant American Cars, Double Edged Razors and The Winchester 1894

So last week my desultory biweekly check of the sadly dusty Walmart ammo counter turned up a few boxes of .30-30. Remembering that I had a Winchester 1894 that I’d never shot, I grabbed two boxes (Don’t bogart the ammo, gunbros) and took Great-Grandpa’s gun down to PHA with me that Friday along with my […]

Thinking Too Hard About Cars 2

So Mrs pdb and I shelled out a staggering amount of cash and took Jack to see his first movie on the big screen. Between seeing Cars about 23000 times and owning about enough Pixar merchandise that we probably have an ice cream dispenser named in our honor at the Pixar campus cafeteria, we of […]

Who Watches The Watchmen Run Red Lights?

So the epidemic of cops driving badly comes to Hyphen-Town with a bang! Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman will not face any charges after he ran a red light, causing a crash involving three cars Tuesday. Police Capt. Bill Cobb said today that the officer who investigated the incident had the discretion to either give […]

State Farm: Dishonorable Lying Scumbags

When I saw this post at Jalponik about a BMW M535i owner getting offered $1500 and a salvage title for his pretty much irreplaceable car, I knew instantly that the offending “insurance” agency was Snake Farm. When I had my car wreck about 6 months ago, one of State Farm’s customers decided to drive across […]

Civil Collapse, Pt2

In some ways, Canada is ahead of the curve: During the first part of the drive, the convoy ran into a few members of the Ontario Provincial Police without incident. One officer even went so far as to tell the organizers that there was only one other patrol for the rest of the route. Turns […]

Ferrari Is Dead / Why Not War For Oil?

Well, maybe not yet. But the company we all knew and loved is now a green leaf turn away from being a push-button, soulless, styrofoam mockup of its former glorious self. Once upon a time, Mr Ferrari quipped that “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.” And now…? Ferrari 599GTB Hybrid Concept Start getting […]

pdb Vs. The Winston-Salem Pravda

Reproduced here in case it falls down the bit bucket: How many of these anonymous Journal Editors ride PART every day to work? People choose to pay more to use their own cars (even though they’re forced to subsidize the failed PART system at $2.3 million a year) because they prefer the freedom and flexibility […]


Car & Driver got their hands on a Tesla Roadster for some real world testing, and it promptly stranded them: Leaving the party some four hours later, I reused all my range-extending strategies from before, except I had to turn the headlights on. Some 38 miles later, as I was crossing I-69 near Flint, the […]

Destroying Cars, Destroying Freedom

The first family vehicle I remember was the 1950’s Dodge pickup my parents drove to Canada. It was black, faded to purple, no amenities and a six-volt charging system. An OPP officer that offered Dad some roadside assistance on one of its many breakdowns advised him to junk it instead of titling it in Canada. […]


Despite the fact that I have two, count ’em, two, automobiles in the driveway that are not only paid for, but have never leaked fluids, have never left me stranded, are comfortable and efficient, have never blown up a transmission or required me to spend days wrenching on them, I spent a good portion of […]